Follow these Natural Directions to the Thurston County Fair

thurston county fair


thurston county fairThe Thurston County Fair is always a high point of summer.  This year’s festivities promise to be Fun for the Whole Herd.  The Fair runs Wednesday July 30 through Sunday August 3.  Eager beavers and thrifty souls alike will line up for One Buck Wednesday to enjoy the array of music, vendors, animals, and games for only a $1 entry fee.

On July 30, anyone who brings a donation of canned or nonperishable food will be eligible to enter the Fair for only $1.  If that food happens to be from the Natural Directions line, sold exclusively at Ralph’s and Bayview Thriftway, the stores will match a $1 donation to the Fair as well.  All food gathered at this fabulously easy charity event will go to the Thurston County Food Bank benefitting our community for over 40 years.

Kevin Stormans, President of the locally owned grocery stores, praises the Natural Directions line as being one of “quality, well priced natural products that customers can only find at our store.”  Their range of exclusively organic products includes snack foods, baking supplies, cereals, canned goods, frozen foods, a wide array of dairy products, coffees, teas, juices, cleaning products, herbal supplements and many more.

Both the Bayview and Ralph’s locations will have easy to find displays of Natural Directions products available to make shopping a breeze.  If you can’t make it to the stores on time, consider using their available Online Shopping service.

The Thriftway family of stores has long been at the forefront of smart shopping.  Whether through their vast selection of local vendors and products or their Thriftway Community Rebate Program which allows shoppers to designate 1% of their spending to be donated to local non-profits, they help our community shine.  This is just a small portion of the good they do for our region and why they were recently voted favorite grocery store in the Best of South Sound awards.

Details on the two Thriftway locations or any of their many services can be found on the newly redesigned site.  For information on this year’s Thurston County Fair call the Fair office at 360-786-2975.  Fair hours are 10am-10pm Wednesday through Saturday and 10am-8pm on Sunday; carnival hours are 11am-11pm Wednesday through Saturday and 11am-8pm on Sunday.

In these tough times, it can be hard to find any extra wiggle room in the budget to help those in need.  But partnerships like this between the Stormans family and the Fair make it easy to benefit our community, our neighbors, and ourselves.

See you at the Fair!


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