Elite Cleaning of Washington Advises on Cleaning Before and After Your Party

Scottiejo McNulty is the owner of Elite Cleaning Services of Washington.


cookie decorating party ideas
There are a lot of sprinkles on the floor after this party.

Spring means party season!  Whether its holidays, graduations, weddings, or just an excuse to be outdoors, we love getting together to celebrate.  Author Nancie Carmody was right when she said “I am thankful for the mess to clean after a party because it means I have been surrounded by friends.”  But that mess can be alleviated through a little planning and the comprehensive skills of Elite Cleaning of Washington.

Owner Scottiejo McNulty and her team offer a pre-party service which will make sure clean-up is minimal after your big event.  Their expertise and helpful tips ensure any gathering flows as smoothly as possible.

Says McNulty, cleaning before a party is “pretty easy for us” and they tailor their approach both to the type of event and the host’s needs.  If things are feeling hectic, they’ll gladly clean the entire home beforehand, or just the rooms most commonly used: bathroom, kitchen, living room, and coat closet.

By wiping down walls, dusting fixtures and ceiling fans, uncluttering kitchens and workspaces, and helping prep fine china and platters, the host and hostess are given a much needed reprieve.  “When you’re running a party you want to be the host and you want your friends to enjoy their time” says McNulty, “you don’t want to be in the kitchen” missing out.

Removing decorative clutter minimizes the risk of accidental breakage of your mementos and having extra trashcans will help reduce damage from sticky plates and cups left around your home.  Cleaning your families’ winter wear out of the coat closet allows guests clear access (and saves them from ending up on the master bed, like at my house!).

Little tricks like these come from years of experience, and that’s exactly what Scottiejo and her team offer best.  Whether it’s pre- or post-event, whole or partial house, occasionally or on a fixed schedule, Elite Cleaning of Washington is up for the job.  Call 360-529-2277 with questions or for a free estimate.

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