Kluh Jewelers Announces 2014 Unclaimed Layaway Sale

Shoppers get a preview of the great deals at Kluh Jewelers Unclaimed Layaway Sale.


by L. Jeanette Strole Parks for Kluh Jewelers

Shoppers get a preview of the great deals at Kluh Jewelers Unclaimed Layaway Sale.
Shoppers get a preview of the great deals at Kluh Jewelers Unclaimed Layaway Sale while waiting their turn in the store.

The Unclaimed Layaway Sale at Kluh Jewelers in Lacey happens in March every year. This annual sale was even featured in a story last year here on ThurstonTalk. However, what is unique about this year’s sale is that Kluh’s Aberdeen store has just recently closed, and the Lacey store is liquidating all their inventory as part of this sales-event. That’s correct; there will be $250,000 worth of additional merchandise to check out. It truly is no exaggeration that this is the biggest sale  ever put on at Kluh Jewelers, and the staff are gearing up for a spectacular day of unloading top-quality merchandise.

As always, it is a one-day event, and this year March 29 is the date to circle on your calendar. The doors open at 9:55 a.m., so be there as early as you can be. Customers are helped in numerical order, so if you are late to get in line, you may have less selection to look at by the time it’s your turn, but with such a huge inventory to liquidate, there should be plenty to go around. There are 500 pieces of unclaimed layaway items, just for starters, in addition to returns, overstock items, surplus, estate jewelry, discontinued items, and unclaimed repair-jobs that have become available for purchase. Additionally, they are giving away prizes and gift certificates for the people waiting in line, so you might just come away with a few extra goodies in addition to the ones you purchase, just for showing up!

Kluh Jewelers has established itself for decades as one of the premier jewelery shops in the area, with three generations of the Kluh family continuing the tradition of craftsmanship, in-house repairs, and top-notch customer service. This annual sale draws both old and new customers who will stand in line for hours to get first dibs on the merchandise and for good reason; the high-quality goods that are up for grabs are not exactly gumball machine trinkets.

For example, a one-carat diamond solitaire ring that would normally retail for $3,000 is available for $599. Perhaps you have been pondering “popping the

question” – saving nearly $2500 on a ring would certainly give you more cash for the wedding or honeymoon!

Another option is a 24” gold chain, yours for only $55, Or perhaps a pair of 14K gold hoop earrings that would otherwise sell for $96, available for just $4.99!

Setting aside March 29 to browse the goodies inside the store could save you large sums of money for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, upcoming birthdays, or even Christmas, even though it’s still nine months out.

The Unclaimed Layaway Sale is an Olympia tradition that has all the anticipation of “Black Friday” but without the mayhem. Instead you will find attentive customer service, and knowledgeable staff that will treat you right.



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