Bron’s Automotive Promotes ‘Don’t Drip And Drive’


Submitted by Bron at Bron’s Automotive

DON’T DRIP AND DRIVE!  FIX THAT LEAK!  That’s the name of a campaign that is taking place during the month of April.  Visit a participating Automotive Service Association repair shop and your vehicle will receive a FREE and EASY visual inspection (a service valued at up to $80).  If there is a leak, you will receive a coupon for 10% off leak repair (up to $50), for a total savings of up to $130!

For a list of participating shops, go to the website at, or to save time go to and set an appointment or call us.

It is estimated that over 7 million quarts of oil enter the Puget Sound Basin annually, either from leaks or improper disposal.  The Stormwater Outreach for Regional Municipalities (STORM) consortium has taken the lead on this program, partnering with members from 80+ local jurisdictions, with supporting efforts by another 400 agencies and organizations through the ECO net network.

The DON’T DRIP and DRIVE campaign is made possible by a grant from the Washington Department of Ecology, and with funds from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Fluids belong in your vehicle, not in the environment.  Oily leaks can damage rubber bushings and mounts, leading to unnecessary repairs.  Please take advantage of this FREE program during the month of April.

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