Submitted by Bron’s Automotive

We wanted to get out a quick note to make you aware that Bron’s Automotive is considered an Essential Business by the State of Washington, and we have elected to stay open to first meet our customer’s needs, and also of course to survive as a business. We hope all of you are staying safe and following healthy guidelines.

To help all of you that elect to use our shop during this period, we have implemented a pick up and delivery service with payment over the phone via credit card.  This means you do not have to leave your house.  Your vehicle will return to you afterwards with steering wheel, door handles, and other controls and keys sanitized.

Additionally, anyone taking us up on this opportunity can get a discount of 10 percent off parts and labor, up to a maximum discount amount of $100, by mentioning that you heard about the offer in this ThurstonTalk article.

Stay safe and we wish everyone good health.


Bron and Joey and the Crew

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