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Between work, kids, pets, grocery shopping, visiting loved ones and never-ending weekend chores, many Americans drive seven days a week. But when our cars break down, it’s a hassle of wasted time, unexpected expense and nail-biting stress. Bron’s Automotive, a car repair shop in Olympia, is a family-owned business with more than 20 years of experience. From top to bottom, inside or out, they’ll keep your ride running safely and at peak performance all year round.

Keeping your car or truck properly maintained and serviced will extend its lifespan and reduce your frustration levels (with or without traffic).

outside parking space at Bron's Automotive in Olympia
Last summer, Bron’s Automotive moved from their Black Lake home of 20+ years to a larger space on Harrison Avenue NW on Olympia’s west side. Photo courtesy: Bron’s Automotive

A New Address Means New Products and Services at Bron’s Automotive

After two decades in their Black Lake shop, last summer Bron’s Automotive moved to 2021 Harrison Avenue NW on Olympia’s west side. The new location allowed the team to add a comfortable, amenity-filled waiting area, extra parking and a shuttle service so you don’t miss work while repairs take place. It also allowed them to add additional tire and alignment options to their existing array of auto and truck services.

Owner Joey Crider says that the extra space means they can sell tires from a variety of brands and at multiple price points. But putting new tires on a vehicle doesn’t mean much without a properly completed alignment. “Wheel alignment is a big add for us,” he says. “This service is the reason why most tires don’t make it to the mileage they should. Alignments are the root cause of premature tire failure and added fuel costs since misaligned vehicles get lower mileage per gallon.”

Bron’s Automotive team received additional manufacturer training as the new equipment was added. Crider says they believe in on-going education. “As new technologies are added, training must follow,” he says.

Bron's office with a deck and chair
Moving shop locations added a comfortable waiting room, shuttle service for customers and additional room for tire sales and alignment services. Photo courtesy: Bron’s Automotive

Tires and Tire Alignment in Olympia: Vital to Your Vehicle’s Health and Family’s Safety

With the ice, snow and rain of winter, spring and fall, we may think summer is the car’s easy season. But industry experts at CarPro explain that: “In a world where automotive safety technology gets more advanced every day, it’s easy to forget about…the most important, yet often most ignored safety feature on a vehicle: its tires. After all, they are what separate you from the road.”

Summer road trips are great but seasonally elevated pavement temperatures can cause blowouts and tread separation, say the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. CarPro suggests that tires over six years of age be replaced. To find out how old your tires are, check the Department of Transportation Tire Identification Number stamped on the side. This 10-to-12-digit code is easy to read. The last four numbers indicate the week and year each tire was made.

To stay safe, also maintain proper tire pressure because low pressure tires run hotter due to friction. Says CarPro, low pressure “can lead to a blowout. It also hurts your fuel economy. [Conversely} an overinflated tire will lead to increased wear right in the middle of the tire, and because there is less tread on the road, handling is not as good and neither is braking.”

As well as correct pressure, keep up with tire rotation, alignment and tread depth and make sure your spare is present, safely stored in the trunk and ready to go. A few minutes of preventive maintenance might be the difference between lounging poolside or waiting for a tow-truck by the side of the road.

close up of a tire getting maintenance
Before any summer road trip, have your tires inspected or replaced at Bron’s Automotive. Spend your time poolside, not waiting for a tow truck on the side of the road. Photo courtesy: Bron’s Automotive

Head to Bron’s Automotive for Top Quality Work that Won’t Impact Your Warranty

Beyond personal cars and trucks, Bron’s Automotive can work with fleet customers, Mercedes Sprinter RV’s and most trailers. If you have a question about their tire and alignment services, Crider suggests calling or simply stopping by so staff can have a look at your issue.

As an AAA preferred shop, if your car needs emergency work, simply show your AAA card to receive a discount. Crider also says that families can have their vehicle towed directly in or call first to discuss any authorization needed to start the repairs properly.

“We are your one stop shop for all things automotive,” says Crider. “We perform maintenance, repairs, tires and wheel alignments. And the work we do will not void your warranty. Dealerships like to tout that they have to perform all jobs to keep the warranty in play. That is false because any ASE Certified shop can perform the work and keep warranties in place.”

Schedule an appointment online or by calling 360.943.5993. Then check out their informative blog or Facebook page for helpful information, shop updates, product additions and seasonal tips. It can feel like your car is your second home. Make it a place of safety, comfort, economy and summertime tunes as you head out for the open road.

Bron’s Automotive
2021 Harrison Ave NW, Olympia


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