Sea Kayaking in Budd Bay out of Boston Harbor

After wrapping up a busy day in the office I and two other boaters met at the Boston Harbor Marina around 4pm yesterday and headed out for an early evening paddle toward Squaxin Island.

This was my first time in an enclosed shell sea kayak and I was impressed with the rental gear at the Boston Harbor Marina. The quality of the boat was impressing for a rental fleet.

We lucked out in that the wind was very light thus creating near glass conditions as we paddled across to Squaxin Island. It took us about 20 minutes to paddle across at a leisurely pace to the south end of the island where we enjoyed views of Mount Rainer and spectacular water body views down multiple channels. Once across to the Island we enjoyed a couple cold drinks, good stories along with peace and quiet.

The paddle back across to Boston Harbor was much faster as the tide was coming in thus assisting with our efforts back to the marina. If you have not been out paddling in Budd Bay I would highly recommend it as it one of the most beautiful “cold” salt water experiences I have come across. I say “cold” because the Napali Coast kayak trip out of Kauai which is “warm” water is just plain amazing!

The folks at Boston Harbor Marina were very friendly and helpful. They ran through all the boater safety items prior to push off and ensured I had a life vest. The cost was very reasonable at $30 for ½ day. This is a great trip for a novice or an advanced boater.

Give Boston Harbor Marina a call and reserve a kayak today – you will enjoy it!

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