Maid Perfect Shines Light on Difficult Places to Clean

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Ceiling fans are way up there and usually quite dusty. Hiring Maid Perfect is much safer than you getting on a ladder. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

Any day is a good for spring cleaning. Your refrigerator seals, air filters, corners and so much more await you. Drew Freemantle, owner of Maid Perfect, is cheering you from the sidelines. It’s time to gather your buckets, microfiber towels, hot soapy water, squeegee, step ladder, knee pads and determination. Maid Perfect is familiar with the many nooks and crannies that get neglected much of the time. He gently reminds you of those places that probably need your attention. “I understand you don’t always have the energy for these,” says Drew.

Cleaning Service Olympia Maid-Perfect-refrigerator
Maid Perfect knows that refrigerator shelves need a good scrub with warm soapy water. Photo courtesy: Maid Perfect

“People miss places that are either hard to get to or you just don’t see as easily,” he continues.  Did you know that microwaves have filters on the underside? They can collect dust and grease, especially when located over a stove top or range. If you lean into your dishwasher, you’ll notice a trap and filter at the bottom where debris and scum collect.  “Cleaning that filter helps get your dishes cleaner,” says Drew. Check the sides of the door, too.

There are so many appliances in your kitchen. Head to the refrigerator. The seal around the door is likely crusted with bits of leftovers, sticky substances or who knows what. The truth is you might as well take out everything from the refrigerator. The walls, shelves and drawers are bound to be touched by various drips and pieces of food. A big sink of hot, soapy water makes the job slightly easier. Get lots of towels to dry everything off. Put back what is good to eat and dispose of what’s not.

I did the thorough refrigerator cleaning in the early days of COVID, but that was ages ago. Recently, we had a spilling accident in the refrigerator that demanded extensive cleaning. It took a while, but now every time I open the door, I appreciate how great it looks. Drew recommends that you pull out the whole appliance and clean behind it, too. Peek underneath for dust. When you are done with that project, check the drawer at the bottom of your oven.

“Pull it out all the way,” suggests Drew, adding, “Stuff gets back there!” Of course, you’ll want to clean the oven as well.

Cleaning Service Olympia Maid-Perfect-cleans faucet
Slime accumulates in wet places like faucets and showers. Let Maid Perfect help you clean them up. Photo courtesy: Maid Perfect

Head to the bathroom before you get too tired. The tracks for the shower doors might need extra work. “Pipe cleaners work pretty well,” says Drew. Remember to attend to the areas around the tub and sink drains and the overflow openings at the back of the sink. All the areas at the faucet handles could use spiffing up. Shall we talk about the toilet?

Let’s move onto baseboards. They probably appear in every room of your house. It’s great to dust them regularly. “If that has not been part of your cleaning regime, the buildup of dust sticks after a while and requires scrubbing,” says Drew. But be careful you don’t scrape off the paint.

Look up at your light fixtures and ceiling fans. “Everybody forgets this,” says Drew. It’s likely your ceiling light fixtures have attracted a few bugs, which need removing. A ladder is in order. You might not look up every time you turn on the light, but when they are clean, you’ll like it. Since the ladder is out, step up for a closer look at the blades in your ceiling fan. They are not supposed to look fuzzy. A damp microfiber will do the trick. Just watch your balance. Check your ceiling vents. “It often rains dust when we clean them,” says Drew.

Your door, frames and window ledges gather dust and grime. “A magic eraser can work wonders. I love them.,” says Drew. He advises light scrubbing.

You’re making great progress! Your home is getting cleaner every minute. Keep up the good work. Remember, the tops of the kitchen cabinets need cleaning, too. There are seemingly endless places where dust settles. Tired just reading this? You probably would rather be doing something other than spring cleaning. That’s where Maid Perfect becomes your superhero.

Even a self cleaning oven can use more cleaning. Maid Perfect is happy to help. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

Drew and his wife Tonya have been in the cleaning business for over 20 years. “People don’t have the time to clean,” says Drew. Having someone else do the bulk of your deep cleaning gives you time for somethings lots more fun. “It’s less stress for you,” says Drew, “that why it’s rewarding for me.”

Your time is precious. Even Drew takes his own advice and has his house professionally cleaned. With a six-year-old, the family would rather be hiking, playing or otherwise relaxing. “We are busy, too,” Drew shares.

Give Maid Perfect a call or read about all offered services. Someone else can deal with the ladder, buckets, cleaning products and all that standing, stooping and reaching.  “It’s really nice coming home to a clean house,” reassures Drew.

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