Some people love to plan. They’ve compiled lists and scrapbooks full of details about every aspect of their life, wishes and desires. These folks will often go so far as to make funeral pre-arrangements, which allows them to design even their final resting place’s location, marker and specifics. But for others, or those facing unexpected loss, sometimes a simpler option is better. At Lasting Touch Memorials, they now offer a discounted Marker of the Month that simply requires engraving and placement.

The Marker of the Month will be discounted, in-stock and ready to go once engraved with your loved one’s details. Photo credit: Kathryn Millhorn

Starting in late 2021, there will be an in-stock Marker of the Month sold at a reduced price. This monument will have your loved one’s details added and is ready to go with minimal turnaround time. Whether the cemetery is nearby, across the country or around the globe, staff will make sure it’s securely in place with a lifetime warranty.

Monuments can typically take six weeks, for those in the Lasting Touch inventory, or three months if they are ordered from the supplier. Personalization is drafted on the computer and then emailed to the family. That way any changes can be addressed electronically, making sure the final product is exactly what the family desires. Additional proofs are drawn up and sent as needed to avoid errors.

On most products, engraving is included in the price unless a photo or laser etching is asked for. But customization is never an issue at Lasting Touch. Their granite comes in 46 colors and in-stock markers come in a variety of shapes, designs and decorations. Mid-October, they are receiving 32 more markers, unique in shape and color.

Want to create your own memorial or marker? Drop by or call and ask to speak with on-site licensed Funeral Director, Andrew. He can help take the financial burden away from grieving loved ones by helping you pre-plan and pre-pay for your funeral, cremation, headstone and site. Reach his cell directly by calling 360.359.3523.

For details on the Marker of the Month, follow Lasting Touch on Facebook, call 360.458.9070 or visit the showroom at 3700 Pacific Avenue SE. They are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. and weekends by appointment.

In times of grief, simplifying things is a relief. By offering a Marker of the Month, families receive quality craftsmanship without being overwhelmed wondering what their loved one would have wanted. Move on to remembering all the good times by opting for simplicity.


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