The summer months bring much needed relief from the rain and moisture. The one downside to this dry season is that pesky window problems you noticed during the winter seemingly vanish, only to return with the rainy season. Matt Zeutenhorst and Jake Roberts the residential project managers for Lacey Glass at Home and have a combined 12 years of experience, so they know how to combat many issues that crop up.

Lacey-Glass-window repair building
The showroom at Lacey Glass at Home is back to normal capacity and open for viewing! If you are in the market for new windows, a sunroom, or skylights, stop by to see what they can do for you. Photo credit: Matt Zeutenhorst

Matt has seen a lot of clients that forget about leaks because year after year they only notice it when the rain returns. “We hear so many people that forget about leaks because during the drier months when the problem goes away,” Matt says. Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t really go away, which is why Matt advises getting these leaks taken care of sooner than later. Luckily, Lacey Glass at Home makes it easy to get leaks in skylights, sunrooms, and windows fixed before they cause any more damage.

Get Leaky Windows Fixed in Winter

When it comes to leaks, it can be difficult to determine exactly where the water is getting in. This is especially true when it is not raining because there is no way to actively see the leak. “It is actually cheaper to investigate a leak in the middle of the rain as opposed to during the summer, because when it is dry, we have to make the water in order to find the leak,” Matt explains. These water tests cost about $500, whereas rainwater is free. This is an excellent reason to get your leaks looked at during stormier weather because it will help professionals like Matt and Jake locate the leak and diagnose the problem.

Lacey-Glass-window repair sunroom
Sunrooms are a great way to soak up the sun even when you’re inside! This sunroom was built by the team at Lacey Glass at Home to bring lots of natural light into the space and open up the room to a beautiful view. Photo credit: Matt Zeutenhorst

It is better to have them investigate sooner than later. Prolonged exposure can mean more damage and therefore more money to fix the problem. “With sunrooms, it’s best to nip it in the bud before it rots the wood out,” Matt says, “because then we have to replace a lot of things that we wouldn’t have had to replace if we had caught it earlier.” Additionally, mold will begin to develop over time if leaks aren’t stopped, which can cost money to mediate and be harmful to your health.

In some cases, the glass might not even be the problem. “We get calls from people that think their window or skylight is leaking because that is where the water is coming in, but the issue is really originating in the siding above,” Matt explains. “For example, the water may look like it is coming in the top of a window, but the leak is really somewhere in the siding above.” These leaks are outside the scope of Lacey Glass at Home, but they work closely with experienced local contractors that can help. No matter the source of the leak, Lacey Glass at Home can diagnose the issue and advise the next steps, even if it isn’t with them.

Failed Windows

Lacey-Glass-window repair Failed-Window
A failed window is a common problem people see during the winter. The glass appears to be fogged up, like when the bathroom has steam from the shower in it. This is actually caused by a broken seal that leads to condensation building up between the windowpanes. Photo credit: Matt Zeutenhorst

Another common issue people notice during wintertime is a failed window. The windows in your home have a seal around the edge to keep extreme temperatures out during hot or cold months. This seal can fail for many reasons, whether just from normal wear and tear or poor initial installation. Like leaks, this problem is most evident during winter because of the increased moisture in the air. Matt says the first sign of a failed window is condensation. “It has the same effect as the steam from a shower,” Matt says. “The difference here is the condensation isn’t on the outside of the window but is inside between the panes.” When this moisture builds up internally, it can lead to grime build-up or even mold if left unresolved for an extended period, which is a serious health concern. One of the most noticeable effects of a failed window is a higher energy bill. The failed seal causes the window to lose its insulation causing outside temperatures to radiate through the glass. Lacey Glass at Home offers failed window replacement and same-day repairs as part of their emergency services, all while keeping health and safety top of mind during the pandemic. By having these issues taken care of early on, you can keep your heating and cooling bills lower year-round.

Matt and the team offer a number of other solutions to improve energy efficiency in your home, so if you are looking for ways to save, Lacey Glass at Home can help there too.

Even with the pandemic, Lacey Glass at Home is still fully operational. Matt says they are back to normal capacity and are simply following the necessary protocols to keep their team and clients safe. The only noticeable difference during this time is that projects can take a little longer than usual, primarily due to safety precautions taken during manufacturing. Despite potential delays, it is still a good idea to get on the schedule before too long.

The best course of action when you notice a leak or failed window is to contact Lacey Glass at Home to get your free estimate.


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