River Ridge High School Band Shines at Lacey Fun Fair


Students from River Ridge High School performed in a variety of mini concerts Saturday, May 18, 2024, at the Lacey Spring Fun Fair held at Saint Martin’s University. The concerts were held outside Marcus Pavilion at the main stage area where those at the fair could enjoy the music while eating or visiting booths.

River Ridge had performances from the jazz band, a taiko – a Japanese drum – ensemble and the Tubapalooza brass choir. North Thurston Schools also had a performance from the Aspire Performing Arts Academy Jazz Band

River Ridge band director John Theine was delighted to be able to have his students participate at the fair. “This is just something we look forward to each year and it is a great way to be a part of the community,” Theine noted between concerts. North Thurston Schools have a variety of concerts to close out the school year and those are listed on the North Thurston Schools website.

For students like senior Jonathan Fischer, the fun fair is a great place to perform and have fun. “I love being a part of Tubapalooza because it’s a small group and we get to be a little bit laid back and just have fun.” Fischer played piano in the jazz band and also tuba in the brass group. The “Tubapalooza group was started by a former Ridge student who thought it would be exciting to have a small brass choir able to perform short fun songs. “I also really like that there is a group named after my instrument.”

One of the other unique performances at the Fun Fair featured a group of seven students in a Taiko ensemble. “Taiko” is a Japanese word that essentially translates into “drum.” A taiko ensemble is simply a Japanese drumming ensemble. The group is the only active Japanese drumming group in a Washington State public school. They have performed in Bellingham to as far south as Anaheim, twice receiving an invitation to perform at the Disneyland Resort. 


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