Some Second Dose COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics Postponed

Submitted by Providence

Due to weather-related vaccine shipment delays we are postponing some second dose COVID-19 vaccine appointments offered by Providence.

Postponements include:

  • 19 and 20 second dose Pfizer clinics at Providence St. Peter Hospital
  • 20 second dose Moderna clinic at Providence Medical Group in Lacey
  • 21 second dose Moderna mass vaccination event at the Southwest Washington Fairgrounds in Lewis County

We have a small amount of vaccine we will be administering to those with scheduled appointments on February 18 and 19 at Providence Medical Group in Lacey.

We have already rescheduled the February 19-20 clinic for February 23-24 at Providence St. Peter Hospital and are working on verifying our next allotment of the Moderna vaccine to reschedule the February 20 and February 21 clinics.

We realize this is an inconvenience. Every person who has an appointment to be rescheduled has been notified via email but we realize some people may miss this email. We are also posting the information on social media and will post information at the vaccination sites for those people who do not learn this news in advance.

We will be rescheduling all postposed appointments as soon as we receive our next allotment of vaccine. We expect to communicate with our patients about their rescheduled appointments within the next week. All patients who have been postponed should watch their email for their rescheduled appointment. We will be identifying patients who are coming close to their 6-week window for the second-dose vaccine and will be calling them to fill cancelation spots where applicable.

Please note, the CDC has determined there are no health implications in delaying the vaccine by two weeks. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding while we work to get our community vaccinated.

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