Submitted by Port of Olympia

The MV The Dream, formerly the Evergreen State ferry, was arrested by the U.S. Marshal on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at the Port of Olympia, at the request of the Port.

The ferry was arrested in conjunction with a federal court action by the Port for unpaid moorage. Marine Lender Services LLC has been appointed as the substitute custodian.

The Port of Olympia has asserted a lien against the ferry for nearly $67,000 in unpaid dockage and fees. The last payment the Port received from the owner was in January, 2020.

The Port issued a 90-day notice of seizure in late March 2020, which dictated a deadline of June 25, 2020 to settle up or risk further action by the Port. After the June 25 date, the Port continued to work with the vessel owner while he entertained potential buyers. Those efforts did not work out.

The 310-foot decommissioned Washington State Ferry arrived at the Port of Olympia’s marine terminal in April 2018.

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