We all know how quickly trends come and go, whether it may be clothing, diets or home décor. And, if you have ever planned a wedding, then you know that wedding trends change fast, even faster than clothing or diet fads.

Oly Events Wooden table seating assignments
Incorporate natural elements such as wood to create an environmentally friendly wedding. Photo credit: Back Country Imagery.

Today’s engaged couples are spending thousands upon thousands of dollars with the hopes of creating the perfect day for them and their guests. The last thing that they want is to look back in a year or two and realize that their wedding choices weren’t on trend. Luckily, creating a wedding that’s fit for 2019 is made that much easier with the assistance of Oly Events, a local Thurston County wedding planning agency. Thanks to Co-Founder and Creative Director, Ashley McCabe, creating a memorable wedding that stands out from the sea of others is easier than ever with these tips and tricks.

  • Try out unconventional color schemes such as choosing darker, edgier color palettes. Some recent trends have incorporated more pastels, however implementing darker hues is one of today’s newest directions. Another option to spice up a color palette is to mix colors that don’t traditionally go together. Try playing with shades of navy and yellow or black and pale green for a fresh twist that will surprise your guests.
  • For those who are less likely to take a risk when it comes to wedding planning, you’ll be happy to hear that classic, traditional elegant weddings are making a comeback. Timeless items such as silver candlesticks, lace overlays and crystal stemware are popular once again and easily create an elegant feel for the evening.
  • Recently, dessert displays have been all the rage. However, splurging on statement wedding cakes is gaining popularity once more. There’s nothing quite like a beautiful, towering cake that perfectly reflects the mood of a couple’s special day. Custom cakes allow for multiple flavors of cake batter and filling, which will delight the taste buds and give guests an option on flavors just like dessert displays.
  • Oly Events Rings with moss in box
    Moss and other natural elements make beautiful additions to any wedding theme and are on trend with today’s styles. Photo credit: Back Country Imagery.

    Floral installations, such as arbors, hoops and arches are a beautiful implementation to any wedding. Using these installations to frame the couple’s sweetheart table or ceremony space will draw attention to these areas in a striking way.

  • Another way to draw attention to important areas of a ceremony or reception space is to incorporate cost-effective balloon walls. These can be used for anything from selfie stations to food stations and head tables for the couple or special guests. Balloons are not only cheap, but can be blown up and assembled by almost anyone.
  • You’ve likely attended a wedding and left with some sort of party favor in hand. Create DIY welcome bags by hosting an assembly event with your wedding party before the big day. These instantly add more personalization and are more memorable than something that’s pre-made and store-bought. When selecting what will go inside the goodie bags, think of items that can be used by your guests rather than instantly thrown away.
  • Oly Events Bride and bridesmaids with flowers
    One of today’s trends is to incorporate darker, edgier colors into a wedding color scheme such as navy bridesmaid dresses. Photo credit: Back Country Imagery.

    As with home decor, minimalism is a popular trend that’s quickly catching on in the wedding scene. Simple color palettes featuring two or three colors ensure a cohesive event that isn’t too bold. Wood, stone and other natural elements are also finding their place at wedding events and, as a bonus, are less wasteful to the environment.

Learn more about how Oly Events can help you plan an on-trend day to remember by requesting a complimentary consultation through the Oly Events website. For more inspiration, check out their Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook accounts.


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