Cultivating Community Through Collaborative Partnerships – ThurstonTalk Visits Love Our Local Fest Sponsor Rawkstar


Have you ever tried a bike-powered smoothie? Stacey from ThurstonTalk has after visiting Love Our Local Fest Sponsor Leland Harmell from Rawkstar at the Tumwater Farmer’s Market.

We caught him in the act of “serving our community the most honest food possible in a fast food world” while “smooth-ercizing” smoothies and cracking coconuts for lunchers at the market. We asked him why being a part of Love Our Local Fest means so much to him… and got some surprising answers and some delicious Rawk Star water kefir!

Love Our Local Fest 2018 is a street festival held in the heart of the NE Olympia Neighborhood. Through joyful celebration, they provide a platform to strengthen the local economy and food systems, build local environmental awareness and sustainability, and actively cultivate a more resilient community.

Join us, ThurstonTalk in cultivating community through collaborative partnerships and the rest of the Love Our Local Fest crew on 8.18.18, 1-10pm, in the streets at Bethel St & San Francisco Ave.

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