Are you one of the 50 million people in the United States that has difficulties falling asleep at night? Do you have interrupted sleep patterns that result in a constant struggle to feel well-rested throughout the day? If so, you may be suffering with a sleep disorder. More often than not, sleep disorders remain undiagnosed and can go untreated for years. Despite the struggles, getting the support you’ve been searching for may be simpler than you may think, thanks to Tumwater’s Innovative Sleep Centers.

Innovative Sleep Centers Location in Tumwater
Rooms within Innovative Sleep Centers are comfortable and relaxing, aimed to create a restful environment for patients conducting a sleep study. Photo courtesy: Innovative Sleep Centers

Innovative Sleep Centers aims to assist Thurston County and surrounding areas in the journey of reaching their dreams of regaining a good night’s sleep. “Our primary goal is to help people get a better quality of life by diagnosing and treating their sleep disorders,” explains Dana Ochsner, provider and community liaison at Innovative Sleep Centers. The recent launch of their revamped website aims to create a simplified approach to discovering if you have a sleep disorder and getting the help you need.

The state-of-the-art website includes a page committed to educating community members on all kinds of sleep disorders. With a staggering 85 known types of sleep disorders, the thought of discovering which one you may have can be overwhelming. Located on the homepage of the website is a free questionnaire that can assist individuals looking to determine their risk for sleep apnea, one of the most common sleep disorders. Other sleep disorders that can be discovered in individuals of all ages include excessive daytime sleepiness disorders (like narcolepsy); sleep-related movement disorders (restless leg syndrome); circadian rhythm disorders (disruptions to the internal body clock, like insomnia); and sleep behavior disorders (people acting out while asleep).

Another new aspect of the website is lists of the services that Innovative Sleep Centers offer to patients. Not only does the facility offer consultations and diagnostic testing, there are a wide variety of treatment options including home-testing, CPAP therapy, in-lab testing and non-CPAP alternatives. Their local and friendly staff accepts patients 3-years-old and older and accepts most insurance. If you, your child, or someone you care about is suffering with poor sleep or a lack of sleep altogether, don’t delay in beginning the journey to treatment.

At all Innovative Sleep Centers locations, staff members know how challenging it can be to reach out and determine whether you may suffer from a sleep disorder. The website was redesigned with this in mind and provides community members and local doctors with information and education about sleep disorders, the services offered at facilities, and provide updates in the field of sleep medicine through their social media channels as well as through weekly blog posts on the Sleep Health Blog.

“We also have resources for patients and providers such as a patient portal, educational handouts, referral forms, and what to expect when you visit our sleep lab,” says Dana. “This is really important in removing fears about having an overnight sleep study.” Viewers can also discover the What to Expect page that explains exactly what steps are taken upon reaching out to the facility to begin sleep testing. Additionally, readers can discover what real patients and providers are saying about Innovative Sleep Centers services and results that they see on the Testimonial page. Here, quotes detail the many triumphs and results felt by those who have taken the step to diagnose and treat their sleep disorders.

Innovative Sleep Centers Room at Tumwater Location
Call or visit Innovative Sleep Centers in Tumwater and begin your journey to enjoying a better night’s rest.
Photo courtesy: Innovative Sleep Centers

All in all, the new Innovative Sleep Centers website can answer almost every question one may on how to begin the journey to a better night’s sleep. Not only can sleep disorders severely impact one’s overall health, work performance, and family relationship, they can also be extremely dangerous. “We are passionate about the amazing discoveries in sleep medicine and how it impacts peoples’ day to day lives and love when we hear about success stories of dramatic improvement in overall health by treating sleep issues,” explains Dana. “We know that diet and exercise are vital, but sleep is the 3rd key to a healthy lifestyle.”

In addition to visiting their website, learn more about this local business in Thurston County by visiting their Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter feed, LinkedIn profile and YouTube channel.


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