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Submitted by South Sound Roots Academy

South Sound Roots Academy, a new nonprofit in Thurston County, is hosting a 3-on-3 tournament at South Puget Sound Community College January 20-21. It is a fundraiser for South Sound Roots and will help achieve one of their core missions: to make elite-level youth sports training accessible to all. The proceeds will fund scholarships to provide basketball training for local youth in need.

South Sound Roots Academy
Some of the South Sound Roots Coaches playing in Hoopfest this year. Photo courtesy: South Sound Roots

The traditional 3-on-3 format differs distinctly from 5-on-5, it’s half court and typically slower paced. But this is not the same 3-on-3 you play on the playground or at the club—it’s played in fast forward. There is new buzz around the new 3-on-3 format, called FIBA 3X3, especially now that it is a sanctioned Olympic Sport, with its first medals to be awarded at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

A few of the notable rules:

  1. Game is played to 21 points (shots behind the arc are worth 2 points; all others are worth 1 point)
  2. 12 second shot clock
  3. After a made basket, there is no “check ball”—just grab it and keep playing

USA Basketball is still looking for Team USA 3X3 for Tokyo, and the winner of this tournament will qualify for the national final in Colorado for a chance to become Team USA 3X3.

Even if high level competition for a Team USA spot isn’t realistic for you, South Sound Roots still welcomes and encourages the casual player to form a team with friends for a day of fun and exercise in support of a good, local cause (while staying out of the rain—it’s indoors!).

South Sound Roots Academy
Lots of south sound teams travel across the state for Hoopfest, but the Roots 3×3 is here in Olympia…and indoors! Photo courtesy: South Sound Roots

Early bird registration is $60 and expires this Wednesday, January 10. Teams that register after January 10 will pay a $120 entry fee, with registration closing on Wednesday, January 17. You can find more information about the tournament here and register your team here. Registrations is If you or your business are interested in sponsoring a team or the event ($60), please email

South Sound Roots is also embracing the growth of 3-on-3 by hosting weekly games for youth basketball players. All local elementary school players are invited to participate in free training with Roots coaches on Sundays afternoons for 45 minutes, followed by 45 minutes of 3 on 3 semi-competitive play. Click here to register your child.

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