Home buying is often one of the most stressful experiences in a family’s life. In fact, one poll suggests that it is more challenging than bankruptcy or divorce. Selling a home also takes a psychological toll on those involved. For both sides there is a lot of hurry up and wait as bids are made then accepted/rejected, inspections are scheduled, repairs are negotiated. In today’s fast-paced market tensions can run especially high.

But what if there were another way?

Local, holistic real estate agent Kristy Woodford believes that the home buying process should be a positive one, filled with joy.

A realtor for several years, Kristy has been using the insight and skills gained through her own wellness journey to help her clients buy and sell homes since January. She first became a real estate broker in 2007, shortly before the market crashed in 2008. After five years of struggling to grow a business, Kristy explains that “the overwhelming theme in the industry of negativity, stress, general unhealthiness and a lack of balance,” as well as a desire to spend more time with her family, led her to explore other paths.

Kristy Woodford
Holistic Real Estate agent, Kristy Woodford, helps clients find joy in the home buying process. Photo credit: Kristy Woodford

Over the next several years she worked as an aerospace recruiter, event planner and holistic dance instructor. Eventually, she found herself drawn back to real estate but in a new and fascinating way.


As a holistic real estate broker, Kristy suggests that her goal is to “guide [her] clients through the real estate experience while taking the well-being of the whole person (mind, body and soul)  into account.” In practical terms, she encourages clients to stop and breathe throughout the process, checking in with their inner voice before making decisions. “Our bodies know,” she says.

“My holistic approach also takes the soul into account. If you don’t already live holistically, you may wonder how the soul is relevant in such business matters. Let’s face it. If all of the unknowns, risks and differing opinions of how things should or shouldn’t be done in real estate don’t make you throw your hands up in the air and say ’I give up!’ then I don’t know what will. When it comes down to it, things work out outside of our control. And we must remain curious and in wonder of that great mystery that is taking care of things,” Kristy elaborates.

Kristy Woodford
Kristy enjoys paddle-boarding and meditation on Lake Pattison. Photo credit: Jennifer Ganey

Inviting real estate clients to meditate or pray may seem unusual. Kristy explains her methods this way: “The more traditional methods of business and health in our society depend heavily on the mind alone. The incorporation of the body and soul do not negate the use of intellect, facts and figures. On the contrary, they support it. I’m still running CMAs, urging inspections, keeping up on legal updates, doing my due diligence and having the buyer or seller do theirs. We are making the most of our mind’s potential by coupling the wisdom of our body and acknowledging the unknown (the spirit or soul).”

In combining all aspects of the human condition (mind, body, spirit), Kristy is proactively supporting the health and well-being of her clients through a process that has been known to cause chronic stress and illness. Imagine finding more health and joy while trying to buy or sell your home.

When not busy helping her clients’ dreams come true, Kristy continues her wellness practices at home. These include meditation, inspirational reading, time outdoors and quality time with her two girls, ages eight and five. The family enjoys playing on the water near their Lake Pattison area home and exploring the outdoor wonders of the Pacific Northwest.

Kristy also loves to throw events. “One of the things I most enjoy is shining a light on the magic of someone or something, whether it is promoting a local business or throwing a high-energy open house,” she says. You may have experienced this passion at Olympia’s first annual “It Takes a Village” Natural Birth and Parenting Expo in March. The popular event, featuring prenatal holistic practitioners and support services, was co-sponsored by Kristy.

Kristy Woodford
Kristy and her girls enjoy the beauty and bounty offered in Thurston County. Photo courtesy: Kristy Woodford

As a holistic businesswoman, Kristy is particularly aware, and appreciative of, the uniqueness of Thurston County. “Thanks to our close proximity to both nature and institutions such as the Evergreen State College, we are often the first to make better-for-everyone changes in areas such as environmental sustainability, gender and racial equality and other important matters of humanity,” she notes. This understanding serves clients looking for just the right community to call home.

If you would like the chance to work with Kristy, you can contact her through her website at www.kristywoodford.com, by email at kristyw@windermere.com, or by phone at 360- 508-2800.

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