Olympia Mona Westover Guild Celebrates 90 Years of Giving

Submitted by Mona Westover Guild

The Mona Westover Guild celebrated 90 years of supporting Seattle Children’s Hospital with a celebratory luncheon at the Olympia Country and Golf Club on Friday, April 28. Members wore hats from the 1920s era to commemorate the guild’s inception in 1927, making it the oldest guild in Thurston County.

seattle children's guild
Mona Westover was an original member of the Butler Cove Guild, now renamed to honor her commitment. Photo courtesy: Mona Westover Guild.

Originally founded as the Butler Cove Guild, the name was changed in 1952 to honor Mona Westover, an original member who was especially active in aiding the hospital.

The Seattle Children’s Guild Association is the largest all-volunteer fundraising network for any hospital in the nation, contributing resources for uncompensated care, research, and other hospital program needs. The Mona Westover Guild has raised over $300,000 through projects ranging from selling homemade fudge to wrapping Christmas gifts to selling spring bulbs. The guild donates sticker supplies to the Seattle Children’s Hospital Olympia Clinic quarterly, gathers and delivers donations on behalf of the Tillicum Guild to the hospital monthly, and has volunteers staffing the Olympia Bargain Boutique weekly. The guild was instrumental from the start in organizing this store, located at 2020 Harrison Ave. NW, where 100% of net proceeds benefit the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

seattle children's guild
The Mona Westover Guild wore hats from the 1920s era to celebrate their 90th birthday. Photo courtesy: Mona Westover Guild.

Current members of Mona Westover Guild include Janet Bennatts, Barbara Bohlke, Aileen Bratton, Tricia Durham, Ann Greene, Nancy Hall, Mary Hommeyer, Laura Overton Johannes, Mary Longrie, Phyllis Mandel, Margaret McPhee (granddaughter of Mona Westover), Sue Overton, Jessica Peternell, Kathleen Ratzlaff, Jean Schneider, Victoria Sheldon, Gretchen Sturtevant, Mary Lee Troy, La Donna West and Stevie Wright.

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