Local Emergency Managers Practice for Cascadia Earthquake

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Submitted by City of Olympia Emergency Management

Local Emergency Management officials will be participating in a multi-state, west coast, earthquake exercise during the week of June 7, 2016.  Emergency Management staffs from Disaster Assistance Council of Thurston County, The Evergreen State College, Homeland Security Region 3 Incident Management Team, City of Lacey Emergency Management and Public Works , City of Olympia Emergency Management and Public Works , City of Tumwater Emergency Management,  Lacey Fire District 3, Providence St. Peter’s Hospital, Thurston County Emergency Management, Thurston County Public Health and Social Services, and Thurston County Public Works Department will be involved in the 2016 “Cascadia Rising” exercise taking place on June 7  through June 10. 

This multi-day exercise is designed to test the ability of Emergency Management agencies to coordinate response, communications and information over several days, stressing local plans and capabilities.  The exercise will simulate some of the issues faced by the northwest coast of the United States should a large catastrophic earthquake occur along the length of the Cascadia subduction zone in the Pacific Ocean.  Local Emergency Management agencies have been preparing for all-hazards that can come to their communities for many years, however, the opportunity to participate in a multi-day exercise is rare and allows the agencies to practice skills not normally associated with single day exercises.   More information about the exercise can be found online here.

Although this exercise is not specifically designed for local citizen participation, anyone can use this as an opportunity to review and practice neighborhood plans and everyone is strongly recommended to review or establish their own personal preparedness plans and supplies.

A communications plan and a minimum of 72 hours of food, water, medicine, light, heat and support for any pets are recommended as a good starting point.  Five to seven days of supplies is even better. Doing your part now can make all the difference for you and your family following any of the small to large disasters that are typical for our area, such as earthquakes, floods, storms and power outages. 

For more information on Emergency Preparedness contact your local Emergency Management agency or the American Red Cross.  There are a number of good personal plans available from these agencies or on-line and many vendors sell supplies that will give you a jump start on your preparedness.  It is easy to overlook personal preparedness, especially as we anticipate the nicer weather of summer but disaster can strike at any time. 

Will you do your part to be ready?




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