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The original lectern is on display at the United Churches of Olympia.

The United Churches of Olympia celebrates the centennial of its federation on Sunday, April 17 at 10:30 am.

The celebration service liturgy was especially written for the centennial. It includes singing a hymn by Rev. George Whitworth (written by Parker Huber), one of the church’s organizers and involving former pastors in the worship service. The updated church history book is for sale ($5) and there will be a reception following the service. The public is welcome to attend the worship services.

Both denominations older than 100 years

The United Churches of Olympia will celebrate 100 years of its federation throughout 2016.

In 2016, the Congregationalists (United Church of Christ) and the Presbyterians became a federated church in 1916.

united churches olympia
The United Churches of Olympia will celebrate monthly throughout 2016.

Both churches are much older than 100 years. The First Congregational Church has been in Olympia since 1873. Three founders instrumental in starting The First Congregational Church were Mrs. Hannah H. Steele, Mrs. O.B. Manning and Deacon Alfred Walker; he was from the Center Church in New Haven, Connecticut. The First Presbyterian Church was organized in 1854 By George F. Whitworth.

Celebrating through December

The church will celebrate the Centennial throughout the year, designating one Sunday per month to focus on the history of the church. The next celebrations are May 1, June 26, July 17, August 14, Sept. 18, Oct. 23, Nov. 13 and Dec. 4. Monthly activities include hearing Centennial Moments from church members, singing old hymns, receptions, reading excerpts from our history books, learning the history of our stained glass windows, an organ concert by Douglas Cleveland on Oct. 23, and more. The final celebration on Dec. 4 is near the Dec. 6, 1916 date of the signing of the Federation.

The United Churches is located at 110 11th Ave. SE, Olympia.

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