Dr. Nicole Adamson Explains The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care

Adamson Chiropractic Staff

Submitted by Dr. Nicole Adamson for Adamson Chiropractic

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Dr. Nicole Adamson

Let’s get down to brass tacks…What does a chiropractor do?  Who needs to see one?  Most importantly, what is the benefit?  I have to answer these questions every day, and it’s a good problem to have in my profession.  Let’s explore these questions one step at a time.

A chiropractor is a physician who specializes in manual medicine seeking to reduce pain and improve function.  We do this by stretching sore muscles, mobilizing stiff joints, reducing pressure on sensitive neurological structures and restoring the integrity of the musculoskeletal system.  We do all of this without surgery or drugs, and we get amazing results.  Patients who seek chiropractic treatments experience less pain, improved sports performance and increased function in their daily activities.

Most people will tell you that visiting a chiropractor is scary, or that you should see a “real doctor.”  Let me ask you this:  if you have a toothache, would you go to your foot doctor?  Or if you had a broken leg, would you visit your dentist?  Of course not. That would be very scary, and you would have a negative experience.  But if you wake up with a stiff neck, or you get a back injury at work, or you pull a muscle in the gym you should seek treatment from a musculoskeletal physician – a real doctor that specializes in biomechanical injuries.  You should see a Chiropractor.

Just like any other avenue of medicine, there are a lot of different types of chiropractors.  Some specialize in specific treatment protocols, some specialize in treating certain conditions, and even more specialize in family health and wellness.  Regardless of your diagnosis, there is one out there Adamson Chiropractic Staffthat will suit you and I recommend being proactive.  Get established with a chiropractor you like, have them check out any aches or pains and let them tell you their opinion. You don’t have to have an injury for a consultation.  You can go in for a wellness visit which is very beneficial so that your doctor can evaluate you at a “regular” level of function. Don’t wait for that day when you help your neighbor move a couch and you throw out your back and can’t move for a week.  Don’t wait for the day when you get rear-ended on the way home from the store and you have neck pain every morning.  Parents please don’t wait for your youth baseball player to blow out his or her shoulder after complaining for weeks that they are sore.  Start early.  Be proactive.  Get a specialist on your team that can handle these situations so you don’t have to visit a surgeon.

Chiropractic care is very beneficial for patients experiencing general pain or stiffness, and it is very specific curative treatment for many acute, biomechanical conditions. If you have not been evaluated by a chiropractor, why not?  What are you waiting for?  Do something to improve your physical health and wellness and start with a chiropractic visit today.



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