Capital Stage Race – Road Bike Racing 2013



toyota of olympiaIn an area notorious for rain, the Olympia area cycling community had to be thankful for the dry and sunny conditions Saturday at the third annual Capital Stage Race.

After a time trial session in the morning along Deschutes Parkway in downtown Olympia, the second of three stages, the Capital Critirum, was held on the State Capitol Campus Saturday afternoon.

Racers from youth to adult competed on the short distance/close quartered course, while the event spectators lined the route, providing an intimate setting that some of the riders enjoy.

“Having the spectators here so close to the race is exciting for everyone,” said Andy Rosser of the Olympia Orthopaedics racing team.  “They get to see the action, all the turns, just unfold right in front of them.”

Debbie Thomas, also racing for Oly Ortho, was competing in her first event.

“I’m a little scared because it’s so fast, and that this is my first year of racing and my bike handling is a little shaky,” said Thomas.  “But this is a great venue for it.  The organizers did a great job of closing it off and making it safe.”

Rosser, who lives in Olympia, says he rides around the Capitol Campus frequently.  Still, he noticed how different the area seems on a race day.

“It’s so familiar but at the same time just dramatically different,” Rosser said. “Part of what makes this event so enjoyable is that it’s so picturesque here.”

The action continues Sunday, June 2, when racers will cover an 85 mile loop in the Centralia and Rochester areas.

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