EvergreenDIRECT Credit Union: Banking At Your Speed


When your financial well-being is on the line, choosing a financial institution can be a very personal choice for most of us.  EvergreenDIRECT Credit Union feels different the first time you speak to a representative or step into one of their locations.  There is a familiarity and an approachability that is not present at all financial institutions.

The Credit Union Difference

Stacy Bush, the Marketing Director for EvergreenDIRECT describes the relationship between credit unions and its members.  “Our sole focus is to provide quality, flexible services to our members at a reasonable price.  Banks, on the other hand, are different. They have shareholders and investors to whom they have to pay profits. This would clearly get in the way of our mission to serve our members. Without shareholders to answer to, our ‘profits’ are passed on to our true owners—our members! This is how we are able to offer higher dividends on deposits, lower interest rates on loans, and fewer fees.”

Many credit union members, like those at EvergreenDIRECT, can also take advantage of technology and participate in “shared branching”.  This gives members access to more than 4,000 branches nationwide.  You can use any of the credit union service centers in the network as if you were in an EvergreenDIRECT office.

Improving Financial Lives

Educating and working directly with members to improve their financial lives is the focus at EvergreenDIRECT.  Bush comments, “we look at people as individuals and try to help people who have been underserved in our community.  We take an extra step and look at them as a person, not just numbers.  We are passionate about changing member’s lives.”

Especially when financial times are tough, Bush says, “we step in when ‘bad things happen to good people’ and help them out as best we can.  We are constantly trying to save our members money and because we are smaller, we can focus on our members and really try to change their lives.”

Take, for example, an EvergreenDIRECT member whose financial life was changed. “EvergreenDIRECT told us how we could raise our credit score and were given the tools to complete this task. We have raised our credit score over 200 points in a short amount of time, received  a better interest rate on our autos, and are now two months away from purchasing our first home. Thank you EvergreenDIRECT for showing us how to change our financial lives,” says member Lori.

60 Years of Local History

EvergreenDIRECT is celebrating their 60 year anniversary in 2013.  They have two office locations, one in downtown Olympia and another in Tumwater.  They serve over 4,700 members living all over the United States and overseas, where they have active duty military members.

The credit union was established in 1953 by employees of the State Department of Public Assistance.  Originally named the SDPA Credit Union, in 1973 they were renamed Social and Health Services Federal Credit Union.  In 2005, the credit union charter was changed to the current eligibility requirements and opened membership up to all persons who live, work, worship or go to school in Washington.  In 2006, the credit union merged with Evergreen Federal Credit Union and changed their name to EvergreenDIRECT.

From their DIRECT Checking where most members with direct deposit get paid a day early to their involvement in community events such as the Military Family Day, the staff at EvergreenDIRECT has always been focused on educating the community about financial choices.  If you have financial concerns or questions, reach out and spend a little time talking to an Account Manager at EvergreenDIRECT.  You will find an open ear and a dedicated staff hoping to find positive changes and choices in your financial life.

EvergreenDIRECT Credit Union

1018 E Union in Olympia

6101 Capitol Blvd in Tumwater

360.943.7676 or 800.327.4286


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