Thrifty Thurston – Family Fun In Olympia + Thurston County

Kids enjoy visiting the Capitol Campus in downtown Olympia.

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Thurston County parents are always on the lookout for options for inexpensive, family fun.  You can count on Thrifty Thurston, a new weekly series, to be packed full of creative ideas to get your family out of the house and experiencing treasures throughout our community.

Watch for our posts each week as we share ideas for family fun in Olympia and around Thurston County.

Visit a Memorial

Since it’s Memorial Day weekend, it’s only fitting that our first activity involves visiting a tucked-away monument in downtown Olympia.

The Washington State Capitol Campus boasts seven memorials.  Park along Capitol Way and cross over the pedestrian overpass.  There you will find the Korean War Veteran’s Memorial with a colorful backdrop of international flags.

Beyond being a moving tribute to our nation’s veterans, it’s an excellent spot for a picnic lunch with ample space for kids to run, jump, and climb.

Link up with this previous ThurstonTalk post to entertain your children for another two hours on the Capitol Campus.

See Goodnight Moon at Olympia Family Theater

If you have not caught a performance by Olympia Family Theater, you are in for a real treat.  Producers do a great job selecting shows that will keep fidgety children engaged.  Sets are well designed and costumes are appropriate for young children.  The show includes a short intermission to stretch your legs (aka letting your kids roam freely for 15 minutes), grab a snack and use the restroom.

This weekend, Olympia Family Theater’s program will be an adaptation from the classic bedtime story by Margaret Wise Brown.  Grab a seat by purchasing reasonably priced tickets at

Visit Hands On Children’s Museum

Step inside the Hands On Children’s Museum over Memorial Day weekend and enjoy free activities with admission or membership.  On Saturday and Sunday, Museum staff will be guiding children to decorate “Forget Me Nots” pots to plant at home.   Read this article to learn more about how the Museum develops their awesome projects.

The Museum’s own Walking Feet band will be performing on Saturday at 2:00 pm.  Enjoy lively music and let your kids twist, shake and shout.  Military families will receive free admission on Monday.

Visit our calendar for more weekend events.

What’s your favorite inexpensive activity to do with your family in Thurston County?  Drop us an email with suggestions to

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