Thurston Car Talk: Do You Need To Take Your Car To A Dealer For Preventative Maintenance To Keep The Factory Warranty In Effect


Submitted by Bron of Bron’s Automotive

A common misconception among folks driving newer cars is that you must have the dealer perform preventative maintenance services to keep the factory warranty in effect.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Any certified repair shop can service your vehicle without affecting the factory warranty.

If you have been taking your newer vehicle to the dealer for preventative maintenance, and you are nearing the end of the factory warranty period, it can be an excellent idea to have an independent repair shop do an inspection for any defects before the warranty expires.  At Bron’s Automotive our Technicians are ASE Certified, and if you should desire that we perform maintenance work, we use only factory approved fluids for our services.  If we see a condition covered by the factory warranty, we’ll simply document it on our invoice, and you can have the dealer perform the warranty work for free.

For detailed information just Google “Magnuson-Moss Warranty act of 1975”, this is federal law on this subject.  Happy Motoring!

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About The Author

Bron Lindgren has been an Olympia resident since 1975. He has been working on vehicles as a technician since the late 1970’s, and started his own shop, Bron’s Automotive in 2002. Bron hires only ASE certified technicians, is an AAA approved auto repair shop, and provides shuttle service as well as a 2 year/24,000 warranty. Bron is a member of the West Olympia Rotary, the Automotive Service Association, Thurston County Chamber, and a board member of the Community Mental Health Foundation, BHR’S fundraising arm.


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