Good Will Hunting: Students At Timberline Look For Volunteer Service Around Town

olympia st petes hospitalBy: Matt (High School Intern)

Following changes to the North Thurston Public Schools District’s senior project requirements this year, the graduation requirement is strictly limited to volunteer hours. As a result, the class of 2012 finds itself on a hunt for organizations to fulfill their requirements. Not to mention, seniors also have to worry about additional hours needed to pass certain classes such as civics.

Volunteering is a huge focus in many of Timberline’s clubs; it gives students an opportunity to help those in need. Finding places to fulfill hours has always been a strenuous task often leading students to wait until the last minute. Whether one just needs hours or are a philanthropist, these locations are a good place to start.

Volunteer Option A: St. Peter’s Hospital

For some, volunteer opportunities are an excellent time for job shadowing in a career that you are interested in. Senior Lakshmi Panjini helps at Saint Peter’s because of her plans to enter the medical field after high school. “I saw a little girl with cancer at the hospital and it was devastating to me,” said Panjini. “I am very conscious of my health now and I’m fortunate to be in as good of shape as I am.”

At the hospital, Panjini does many different things from helping the patients walk around the hospital to get exercise to delivering flowers to all the rooms. To apply to job shadow at Providence Saint Peter’s Hospital, email to request an application.

olympia animal shelterVolunteer Option B: Animal Services

Animal abuse and mistreatment pervades communities virtually everywhere in the world. Senior Kacey Cooper’s love of animals helped her make the decision to volunteer at Animal Services at Banfield Pet Hospital.

As a kennel helper and a foster helper, Cooper not only provides direct care for the pets at the shelter, but has also provided short-term care for injured animals. “When I go there, I usually always buy food for all the animals because they run low, especially during the winter time,” said Cooper. “I also play with all the cats and other animals when time permits.”

To apply to become a volunteer at Animal Services, go to the Animal Shelter to pick up a volunteer application and a volunteer information sheet.

olympia salvation armyVolunteer Option C: Salvation Army

As the holidays quickly approach, there are numerous families that face difficulty in making ends meet, whether it be paying the bills or buying presents. Through the Adopt-a-Family program, students have the opportunity to help those less fortunate and provide them with the essentials to make it through the holiday season.

Senior Kristen Howell, a member of Interact Club, has been participating in this program since her freshman year. “Delivering gifts to those families and seeing how overjoyed and appreciative they were really put things in perspective for me,” said Howell. “It made me realize just how fortunate we are to have the essentials that we are accustomed to.”

To apply for the Adopt-a-Family program, contact the local Salvation Army.

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