Everything about lavender is soothing. From the way the word rolls off your tongue, to the pale purple shade given the name and of course, the wonderful smell of the many varieties of lavender plants that help people and animals relax. Thurston County is home to several lavender farms that sell plants, fresh and dried stocks, skincare products, essential oils and more. The farms themselves are calming places to visit, especially when the colorful lavender is in full bloom. When you need a bit of rest and relaxation, or some more essential oils, visit these lavender farms in Olympia and throughout Thurston County.

Evergreen Lavender Farm

9733 Evergreen Valley Road SE, Olympia

The Evergreen Lavender Farm in Olympia has been in operation since 2009. Open seasonally each year when the lavender is in bloom, they do not charge an entrance fee to come and sit among the lavender. Evergreen Lavender Farm has 13 varieties of lavender growing, so stop and smell the differences! You will find some smell more like sage than others. They have a wonderful little gift shop brimming with lavender items, including fresh-cut and dried lavender, soaps, lotions and spritzes, essential oils, lavender-filled neck wraps and eye pillows, sachets, food-grade lavender buds and more. Their gift shop is open seasonally in the summer and by appointment other months.

During the summer months—usually June/July—when the farm is open, they also have special events and even classes. Visit the Evergreen Lavender Farm Facebook page for upcoming even announcements, including open and closing dates each year.

Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm 9
The Evergreen Lavender Farm in Olympia has a wonderful gift shop and rows and rows of lavender to enjoy. Photo credit: Kristina Lotz

Cobblefield Lavender Farm

18443 Sargent Road SW, Rochester

Cobblefield Lavender Farm has a quarter-acre lavender field the family carefully cultivates each year, so it’s in its prime when opening day comes around. They have u-cut lavender throughout the season. They also offer different varieties of lavender and can help you chose the best for what you want. French is great for bouquets, English for culinary uses and sachets. They distill small batches of essential oils with a focus on quality. If you’re looking for a yummy treat, try their lavender ice cream bars, made by Whidbey Island Ice Cream Co., or their lavender chocolate bars.

Follow Cobblefield Lavender Farm on Facebook for opening dates and events.

lavender bundles in a fieldat Cobblefield Lavender Farm
Cobblefield Lavender Farm in Rochester has several varieties of lavender for you to try out, depending on your use. Photo courtesy: Cobblefield Lavender Farm

Schirm Loop Homestead Lavender Farm

2434 Schirm Loop Road NW, Olympia

Schirm Loop Homestead Lavender Farm in Olympia has a picturesque garden with fruit trees along with their lavender fields, which are open seasonally to the public. “One of my favorite places to visit is Schirm Loop Homestead Lavender Farm off Steamboat Island Road,” shares Nancy Blum of Oregon. “It is like going to a lovely English cottage with flowers all around mixed with Pacific Northwest amazing beauty, the view of the sound and Mount Rainier cannot be beat. Connie, the owner, is very gracious and generous in her knowledge of lavender and her hospitality. Well worth more than one trip a year.”

Schirm Loop Homestead Lavender Farm offers u-cut and pre-cut lavender for wreathes and crowns. They have a small gift shop as well, full of lavender and other gardening items. They host events, including a lavender festival and a holiday bazaar during the off-season. For more information on upcoming events, visit the Schirm Loop Homestead Lavender Farm Facebook page.

picnic table with lavender bunches and wreath making supplies like ribbon at  Schirm Loop Homestead Lavender Farm
Schirm Loop Homestead Lavender Farm in Olympia offers u-cut and pre-cut lavender. Photo courtesy: Schirm Loop Homestead Lavender Farm

Hillside Farms

1120 143rd Avenue SE, Tenino

Hillside Farms in Tenino operates differently than other lavender farms in Thurston County. It is not open to the general public, even during the summer. Instead, you can book it as a private venue for an event, say a wedding or reunion. The rows of stunning lavender make for a beautiful backdrop for any occasion, no need for added decorations! They have many varieties of lavender including English, French and Spanish.

For more news, including upcoming events, follow Hillside Farms on Facebook.

bride and groom kissing in front of lavender fields at Hillside Farms
Hillside Farms is a Lavender Farm in Tenino that operates as a private event venue. Photo courtesy: Hillside Farms
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