Dining out is a delightful thing. Skilled chefs create amazing food supported by a dedicated waitstaff and behind the scenes workers to set the mood. When you’re looking for a break from the ordinary, consider Casa Mia’s Italian staples. Whether their Olympia or Lacey location, they’ll always welcome you with open arms.

For the past 36 years, Scott Scharber has been a valuable member of the team who hopes customers feel comfortable and safe when visiting. Photo courtesy: Casa Mia

The stresses of the last 18 months have been difficult for everyone and continue to cause staffing and supply disruptions in many restaurants. But at Casa Mia, managers are working hard to make you feel at home. So be gracious as you dine out, they’re doing the best they can within the limitations of working through a pandemic. But like any visit to Nonna’s house, you’re guaranteed to leave full and happy with plenty of leftovers for later…or the ride home.

Scott Scharber has been part of the team for 36 years. Starting as a cook, he’s been manager for the last 20. “My favorite thing about working here is the people I work with and spending time with the customers. I also feel very fortunate working for a family as wonderful as the Knudsons.”

But he acknowledges that service might be different. “I think people need to remember as we reopen things won’t be quite the same as before and we ask they just be patient as we try to get things back to normal. We are trying our best to make sure our customers feel comfortable and safe when eating at our restaurants. We value our customers and look forward to getting back to normal.”

Need a suggestion about what to order? “One thing that amazes me is we have a wonderful NY steak, and a lot of people don’t even know we have it,” shares Scharber. “I personally think it’s one of the best in town.”

For Haden Mullennix, Casa Mia’s longstanding history in our area makes it feel like one big family. Photo courtesy: Casa Mia

Haden Mullennix, kitchen manager, has been part of the family for five years and loves working in the industry. “Casa Mia has a long-standing history in the area and the culture here, as well as our fantastic customer base make me proud to say I work here,” he says.

“Lockdown to reopening has thrown a lot of curveballs at our restaurant,” Mullennix continues. “We’ve had to limit our menu and adjust our hours as we grappled with supply chain issues and staffing adjustments. I’m incredibly optimistic about how the future is looking currently, but we’re still dealing with issues thrown at us by the pandemic. I just hope people understand we’re doing the best we can under the circumstances and can be patient if we happen to run out of a product or aren’t open as late as we used to be.”

Their recommendation for a tasty treat? “The fig and prosciutto pizza, aka the Fig Pig. I recommend everyone try it if they’re looking for something a little outside the box.” But better yet, Mullinnix can’t wait for the return of people. “I’d love to see the hustle and bustle of a busy lunch hour again at our Olympia location. Hope to see everyone’s smiling faces there again soon as we return to normal!”

Adam Piper looks forward to hosting busy lunch rush crowds so he can show off his passion for making stellar pizza. Photo courtesy: Casa Mia

Newer hire Adam Piper has been kitchen manager since February 2020. Like Scharber and Mullinnix, he finds his coworkers to be the selling point. “It’s hard to imagine a better team than the Casa Mia family.” But, he admits, “I also have a passion for making stellar pizza” and savoring their version of the classic BLT which he calls “supremely unique and highly underrated.”

As guests return to the restaurant, Piper also hopes customers can “be patient. COVID has affected staffing and supply in ways we could not have imagined but we are ecstatic to see people’s smiles again.” And with the return to normalcy, they’re all feeling optimistic for new beginnings. “We’re excited to take part in catering several weddings that were postponed after the events of 2020. Outside of Casa Mia, here’s hoping for a potential end to the Mariner’s playoff drought!”

Can’t decide what to have for dinner? Look over the online menu and then zip over for dine-in or to-go Italian specialties. You can call the Lacey location at 360.459.0440 or Olympia at 360.352.0440 with questions or to place an order. Then head over, patience in hand, and enjoy the classics. Delizioso!

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