When the team at Lacey Glass entered its 40th year of business in 2020, they did not expect the influx of pandemic-related work that would arrive in March and April. In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lacey Glass has shifted its offerings to focus on the needs of office settings.

Lacey Glass is open for walk-in visits! Please be sure to wear a face covering and stay six feet from all staff and other visitors. Photo courtesy: Lacey Glass

“We want to help businesses keep their staff safe,” says Matt Zeutenhorst, longtime project manager at Lacey Glass. Lacey Glass is in a unique position to leverage decades of experience in custom glass fabrication and installation to meet the needs of businesses who may have never had a reason to shield their staff from direct contact with visitors.

Over the last few years, Matt and his team have worked their way through a local hospital installing fishbowl-style enclosures around all reception stations. At the time, hospital staff made light about being contained, but Matt feels certain they are all seriously grateful for those structures as of March. “This is the kind of thing we are ready to offer any business that needs one,” says Matt.

Matt has noticed a lot of free-standing Plexiglas sneeze guards in the businesses he has frequented during the pandemic. He understands this approach works for some businesses but not all. Certain industries may have their needs met with such products. That said, there are other industries that may want to have something more permanent and more elegant installed in their places of business. Owner Phil Zeutenhorst wants people to know that Plexiglas cannot be fully sanitized with alcohol or bleach, but glass can be. Lacey Glass does have both Plexiglass and glass kits available for freestanding sneeze guards.

Lacey Glass offers both Plexiglas and solid glass sneeze guard kits, all on display in the showroom. They also offer custom installed sneeze guards for more permanent needs. Don’t forget that solid glass can be 100 percent sanitized with bleach or alcohol, but Plexiglas cannot. Photo courtesy: Lacey Glass

Lacey Glass offers complete and total customization of glass installations both indoors and outdoors. They know how to get creative with mountings and fittings, and they can even etch designs into the glass. If you own a restaurant or another business based on walk-in traffic and you want to keep your look on-brand and elevated, give Lacey Glass a call. Lacey Glass is committed to following all Center for Disease and Control (CDC) and Department of Health guidelines for all indoor installation work. Masks, gloves and boot covers are worn by all staff members during the installation and estimating processes.

With over 100 years of combined experience in construction, the team at Lacey Glass is prepared to tackle anything from simple home projects to larger commercial projects. “We’ve seen an uptick in phone calls and walk-ins from folks who have redone their bathroom with all their extra time and now they need shower panels,” says Jake Roberts, another of Lacey Glass’s project managers. “We’ve also supplied glass and mirrors for a number of home gyms.”

With stay at home orders in place for a solid two months, many locals took the time to redo their bathrooms. Lacey Glass is your go-to for elegant shower door installations. Photo courtesy: Lacey Glass

If you are considering a residential or commercial project that involves glass in any capacity, Lacey Glass’s showroom is open for visits. Here you can browse all kinds of colors and styles of hardware and fittings; mirror options including backlit and anti-fog mirrors; shower stalls in numerous configurations; and dozens of glass samples in a variety of colors and patterns. You can even see a number of displays, including pet doors, skylights, and a variety of other specialty products.

Moving into summer, one of the most popular reasons to stop by the showroom at Lacey Glass is the sunroom. Right when you step in the front door, you are more or less inside the sunroom. It’s built with thermo-chromatic glass that darkens with the sun and also filters heat, glare, UV rays and keeps the room cool even on the hottest days. “It’s an investment that people want to test before they buy,” explains Matt.

If you’re tired of looking through foggy windows or are ready to start a project with Lacey Glass, give them a call and start the conversation with a description of what you need, a timeline and a rough budget if possible. The team at Lacey Glass still offers free estimates for any job and is willing to take on-site measurements when necessary. Some projects can be estimated with customer-provided measurements. “As long as you feel comfortable with a tape measure, we’re pretty patient teachers,” says Matt. “There are a couple of tricks that we’ve been teaching people to at least give them an accurate quote.”

Lacey Glass is even available to help with small, out-of-the-ordinary projects that involve custom glass. Matt is currently refurbishing an old entertainment stand and is swapping out old glass panels with something more modern. If your latest project has any glass component, give Lacey Glass a call at 360-459-8411 or stop by the showroom at 1210 Homann Drive SE, Lacey, WA 98513 and they will be ready.


“The sunroom is a big reason to visit,” says Matt Zeutenhorst. If you’re considering such an addition to your home, you need to experience the cooling power of this specialized glass on a hot day. Photo courtesy: Lacey Glass
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