Find Your Beat at TempleFit and Meet Maxine Johnson, CCWFN

TempleFit Maxine with Sign
Maxine Johnson, Nutritional Therapist, wants you living in a healthy body. She can help you achieve your wellness goals. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

If you are reading this, I’m confident you have a beating heart. That’s a good thing. Did you know that rate, rhythm and tone of your beat is a powerful reflection of your overall health? Nutritional therapist Maxine Johnson, owner of TempleFit, is utilizing a heart sound recorder as another tool to pinpoint a person’s specific nutritional needs. This non-invasive machine provides valuable health information and is an exciting addition to her practice.

TempleFit Maxine with Testing Bottles
TempleFit uses NRT, nutrition response testing, to determine underlying causes of ill health. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

TempleFit’s functional medicine approach considers the whole person, which includes lifestyle rather than singling out symptoms to treat. Maxine’s education and trainings, including becoming a Certified Clinician in Whole Food Nutrition, CCWFN, have led her to understand the ways nutrition—and lack thereof—dramatically impact people’s heart function, as well as their overall well-being.

The heart sound recorder uses ultrasound, high-frequency sound waves, to create a graphic outline of the heart’s activity. A wand is moved over four areas of your chest to establish your individual heart’s beating patterns. The endocardiograph explains the pumping action of your heart’s chambers and valves.

The sounds often associated with heartbeat are a “lub,” then pause, then “dub,” and pause again, and then repeat. These sounds are caused by closures of the mitral and tricuspid valves at the front of the systole. When the aortic and pulmonic valves close, the second sound appears. Healthy patterns show consistent beating with clear rest points. However, people’s lack of health or dis-ease, show many other patterns where the heart never fully rests and/or beats are irregular.

TempleFit Heart Health
The heart is the center of your well-being. TempleFit’s heart recording monitor is an exciting tool now available to clients. Photo credit: Selene River Press

The rate of your heartbeat is part of your nervous system. The “flight or fight” response can accelerate the rate and the “rest and digest” response slows it down. A healthy balance is needed. Your heart works best when the ratio of work to rest has rest taking twice as much time. Is your heart working too hard or not enough? Your heart also has tone, which is the strength of your ventricles. Is your heart efficient or not? There’s really no way to know by looking at yourself in the mirror. The heart sound recorder gives you a picture in real time.

Interestingly, the heart is especially responsive to neuro-lingual testing, which means that when a particular supplement is put under the tongue, the heart patterns can change within minutes.

Therefore, the heart sound graph is excellent for determining what nutrients the body needs to optimize its circulatory and cardiovascular operations. Your heart is a continuously hardworking muscle and reflects the health of the whole body. TempleFit can assist you to get yours in better condition with specific nutritional support.

Your heart is at the center of your overall health. TempleFit knows you have many other concerns about your well-being. For example, are your sugar cravings getting the better of you? Have you noticed weight keeps creeping on? Are you chronically tired or do you have issues with getting a good night’s sleep? TempleFit’s approach to the whole person means you will meet with Maxine to gather data to create an overall assessment. A program will be designed for your particular needs and situations.

TempleFit Raggedy Ann
The heart sound recorder is a non-invasive method of learning powerful information about your heart and overall health. It’s easy. Raggedy Ann smiled the whole time! Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

TempleFit has a variety of offerings including Get at the Roots Weight Loss, a comprehensive 12 week program. Maxine is also a fitness coach, as well as a winning body builder competitor, which is inspiring. This is another aspect of support she shares with her clients. For those interested in the heart sound recording, Maxine is offering a special discount to the first 25 people who sign up for a 14-day program. Templefit uses products from Standard Process, which are supplements from whole foods. Call or text for further discussion about these or other issues.

Many of us are searching for ways to optimize our health, adding both quality and quantity to our lives. Too many people are overfed and undernourished and confused about what to eat or what to do. Taking pills to alleviate symptoms does not necessarily get to the source of the problem. TempleFit is interested in what is going with you and you your life; Maxine is ready to accompany you along your wellness path.

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