Dental health is an extremely important part of daily hygiene and can help prevent many diseases from forming. We visit dentists for routine dental cleanings as well as dental procedures. Maxine Johnson, owner of TempleFit, has always visited her dentist regularly. She had her first root canal when she was in her 20s.

TempleFit Maxine Johnson Nutritionalist Therapist
Maxine Johnson-Owner of Temple Fit and Nutritionalist Therapist wants to help individuals adapt healthy lifestyles. Photo credit: Rana Longworth

Maxine, a nutritional therapist, believes in honoring the body’s processes and doing as much as she can naturally when it comes to her health. Recently, she has been undergoing many dental procedures, including a couple of crowns, and implants. That first root canal she had at age 20 had been fine for many years, but over the past few years an adjacent tooth started to bother her and she went back to her dentist. The dentist said they needed to pull that tooth, along with the root-canaled tooth, and put implants in place. “In the process of all this dental work, the dentist put a crown on one molar,” Maxine says. “After he put the crown on, the newly-crowned tooth became very painful, and the dentist told me that might need a root canal. I wondered why he didn’t tell me that prior to putting the crown on. But I didn’t say anything, and eventually the pain went away.”

Maxine had the same experience with her other molar on the other side of her mouth. After seeking advice from two dentists, both of whom told her she needed a root canal, she was referred to an endodontist. The endodontist also recommended a root canal on that tooth. Curious to know what could have caused this tooth and the other tooth to all of a sudden be in so much pain and needing root canals, Maxine asked the endodontist to explain the x-ray to her. “There was a little pocket of bacteria right by the root of my tooth, so I asked what could have caused that,” Maxine says. “The endodontist told me that after all the dental work I had, maybe I aggravated the tooth and that’s how the bacteria had been introduced.”

As a nutritional therapist Maxine set out to find a natural remedy to her tooth pain.

TempleFit nutritionalist therapist whole foods
TempleFit believes nourishing the body with whole foods will eliminate medical illnesses. Photo credit: Rana Longworth

After hours of research she came across some articles from Dr. Weston A. Price. She started reading and studying Price’s findings that are published on The Weston A Price Foundation website. “Dr. Price is known for traveling the world and doing research on tribal villages,” Maxine says. “He traveled the world three times, took teams of people with him, and they studied these tribal people who never even saw a toothbrush, but yet they had beautiful teeth. They didn’t eat modern food, ‘foods of commerce’ as Dr. Price called them, and they only ate whole foods that they pick themselves. They consumed all of the animals they killed themselves, leaving no parts of the animal behind.” Maxine was intrigued by her findings and therefore dug deeper in Price’s research on dental procedures.

Price has an article exclusively written about root canals. “What happens when the doctor goes in and removes the root and the nerve?” asks Maxine, “It changes the characteristics of the bacteria. The bacteria goes from being aerobic to anaerobic and becomes pathogenic.

“Price decided to do some experiments. One of his experiments was done on a woman who was in a wheelchair with crippling arthritis for about six years. Price asked the patient if he could remove her tooth with a root canal. The patient agreed, and almost spontaneously was cured of her arthritis. Price then put the root canal tooth from that patient under a rabbit’s skin who then came down with crippling arthritis within days and after 10 days died.” The abnormal nature of the changing bacteria in a root canal tooth caused sickness in other parts of the body, explains Maxine. Dr. Price continued with these types of root canal experiments all of which produced similar results.

Maxine says that a root canal is the only medical procedure that leaves a dead body part in the body. Therefore, the bacteria changes and becomes pathogenic. “If you hollow out the nerve and root of a tooth and fill it with wax, now you have destroyed the avenues where the tissue receives nutrition and how toxins can be removed,” Maxine says.

TempleFit nutritionalist therapist natural lifestyle
TempleFit office is packed full of brochures and information to assist individuals interested in learning how to live a natural lifestyle. Photo credit: Rana Longworth

After all her research, Maxine decided not to go to the endodontist and would cure her tooth naturally.

She consulted her nutritional therapist and chiropractor, and after getting muscle tested, she began taking three supplements: Bio-dent, which is one of her standard bone-building and tooth-building supplements; Neurotrophin-PMG, which repairs nerves; and Andrographis, a strong herb. “These supplements are Standard Process products and they contain the actual rebuilding and replacement parts for the human body and other animals,” Maxine says. “They are safe and anyone can take them. After taking these products for several weeks I have no tooth pain anymore.”

Maintaining health, including dental health, is a passionate topic to Maxine and she believes that the sugar we eat and all the processed food that people rely on, causes cavities and many other health issues. Over the last 100 years we have increased our sugar intake per person from 20 pounds a year to about 190 pounds per year, which has resulted in a litany of health epidemics.

To learn more about how to live a healthy lifestyle, visit the TempleFit website, or call Maxine for a consultation at 360-338-0481 (office) or 206-276-3534 (voice/text).


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