The facade of Dr. Ana Mihalcea’s new Yelm medical practice is deceptively modest. From the outside, you might not perceive that anything revolutionary is going on. But step through the doors and within a few short minutes you’ll understand differently. From a machine that identifies the voltage within cells related to the autonomic nervous system to intravenous nutritional and peptide treatments that can lengthen telomeres and reverse the effects of aging, this is not your typical doctor’s office. Mihalcea’s AM Medical offers cutting edge healthcare in a rural setting.

AM Medical Dr Ana Mihalcea
AM Medical’s Dr. Ana Mihalcea has extensive experience in internal medicine and addressing cognitive and mood disorders. Photo credit: Heidi Smith

The drive to open her own practice came from a variety of factors. Mihalcea has practiced internal and primary care medicine for over 20 years and specialized in geriatrics. Her career has included extensive experience of chronic disease management, cognitive and mood disorders and she is a member of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine. Ultimately, she found the confines of traditional medicine limiting.

“One of the things I was doing in the healthcare system was maintaining people at their state of illness,” she explains. “I didn’t really have the freedom to explore new technologies and ways to reverse people’s conditions. I started studying more and once I saw how many options there are to restore people to optimum health and get them off of prescription drugs, it became impossible to stay in the status quo.”

Since the office opened May 13, she’s seen patients ranging from people in their 30s and 40s who are struggling with fatigue issues and brain fog, to healthy older patients who want to get off of medications and explore anti-aging treatments. Then there are those dealing with chronic issues. “We have a lot of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” says Mihalcea. “We see patients with cardiovascular diseases, cancers or some who have severe pain, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.” In some of the latter cases, testing reveals previously undetected issues like Epstein-Barr Virus or Cytomegalovirus. Once she treats the viral illness and optimizes mitochondrial function, patients start to feel better.

AM Medical WAVI technology
The WAVI headset measures brain waves to detect problems like cognitive decline, depression and anxiety. Photo credit: Heidi Smith

The clinic offers tools that can diagnose a multitude of conditions. A WAVI headset measures brain waves, including a number called P300 that correlates with the density of the brain’s dendrites and synapses. When patients are developing age-related cognitive decline, that number shrinks or brain voltage goes down.

But the machine can do much more. “We can see depression and anxiety in the brain, we can see ADHD, and whether or not the brain’s hemispheres are communicating well together,” says Mihalcea. “We can tell if someone is vaping or doing any type of drugs—they affect your brain waves. You can measure that.”

Another technology, the R3M examines the electrical charge within the autonomic nervous system. It can detect atherosclerosis, insulin resistance, cardio-metabolic risk, cardiovascular disease, your stress level affecting inflammation and a host of other conditions. “It shows us any type of metabolic issues,” says Mihalcea. “If, for example, the pancreas is having a decline in voltage, you can see that the patient is starting to go down the path of insulin resistance and early-stage diabetes. We can see the abnormalities before the blood sugar ever goes up significantly.”

A third machine is the Max Pulse, which uses pulse wave analysis technology to provide information about arterial health. “Most important, it really shows the connection between stress and the body,” says Mihalcea. “It measures, through the autonomic nervous system, what a person’s mental stress is, what their physical stress is, and their stress resistance. In people who get sick and age fast, the fight or flight mechanism of their sympathetic nervous system is totally dominant.”

AM Medical front office
The front office tagline ‘Bringing Light Back Into Your World’ is related to increasing the electrical charge within cells to optimize health. Photo credit: Heidi Smith

It’s important to understand that the tests are not intended to frighten anyone with the information they provide but to function as the first step in healing, she emphasizes. “We’re not doing this to scare anybody about how sick they are but to say, ‘We’re going to find out your current state of health, so we can know what to reverse and heal.’”

One key treatment: peptides. Peptides are short chains of amino acids that can bind to proteins and change their function. Because they bind so effectively, have low toxicity and high effectiveness. Peptide therapy is becoming increasingly popular. “It’s a booming health industry,” says Mihalcea. “Peptides have little side effects and can heal very specific things, from age reversal, brain health, weight loss to osteoarthritis treatment. We work with compounding pharmacies that make pure peptides for us and we can offer those to patients.”

Everyone who visits her office gets tested for Vitamin C deficiency, since Vitamin C is essential to the cell’s ability to repair itself. She also checks for nitrous oxide deficiency, which is related to vascular health, as well as oxidative stress of cell membranes. “We replenish people and put them on a program that’s comprehensive and looks at all aspects of the cell to make it function better,” Mihalcea says. “If you can heal one cell, you can heal the whole body. And of course, we address how stress and emotions affect the aging process.”

That’s good news for patients in Yelm and beyond. AM Medical is focused on solutions for people’s wellbeing and longevity, says Mihalcea, not just continuing the maintenance of decline. “We’re working here to bring light into people’s worlds. What that actually means is to increase the electricity in the cells so the body can heal itself. This is a place that exemplifies the future of medicine.”

Learn more by visiting the AM Medical website or by calling 360.960.8538.


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