Welcome Home with Welcome Home Rentals

Mother Teresa once said that “Love begins by taking care of the closest ones—the ones at home.” At Lacey’s Welcome Home Rentals, love is what drives owner Tiana Kleinhoff to provide caring, knowledgeable service to local renters and owners alike.

Federal Census Bureau numbers show that according to recent research “housing in Lacey was 43 percent renter-occupied.” When homeowners decide to use a secondary property as rental income, they often hire a rental management company like Welcome Home to simplify the complicated process.

Tiana Kleinhoff
Tiana Kleinhoff owns Welcome Home Rentals and Welcome Home Property Management which serve renters, homeowners and home owners associations across Thurston County.
Photo courtesy: Tiana Kleinhoff

Tiana started her company “from the ground up.” To avoid start-up loans, she worked in real estate to raise money while building a solid foundation of contacts and experience. After years spent partnering with accountants, taking licensure classes and learning necessary legal vocabulary and concepts, the company opened its doors in May 2014.

The job is much more than simply acting as a middle-man for monthly rent checks. Says Tiana, “Being a landlord is much more complicated than just collecting the rent. Not only are there laws to abide by, (Landlord/Tenant Law, Fair Housing, Contract Law, Banking Law, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Tenant Screening Act – to name just a few!) but there are many more best practices that are already established by good property management companies to help keep you out of court. It is our job to do everything we can to help the resident.”

From the beginning, Tiana was excited to get her company off the ground. “I turned in my business paperwork the day after I passed the exam,” says Tiana, and lined up owners needing her services while waiting for the official okay. She now runs both the rental and a separate property management company.

Welcome Home Rentals
A full-service company, Welcome Home Rentals markets properties, screens applicants, collects rents and handles necessary day-to-day maintenance.
Photo courtesy: Welcome Home Rentals

Rental management companies cover many bases. Duties can include prepping the home for a new resident, marketing the property online, screening potential renters, monthly rent collection, periodic inspections, on-call and regularly scheduled maintenance, and paying property costs to HOAs, property taxes, mortgage, and home-owners insurance. But more than that, Tiana and her team act to treat residents “with respect, compassion, integrity and transparency.”

Having moved to the Northwest as a military wife, Tiana now enjoys a bustling blended family of four children and a full schedule. She belongs to the Lacey South Sound and Thurston County Chambers of Commerce through which she leads networking groups for members. “I believe in businesses making connections and building trust.”

She’s also active with the Chinqually Booters Soccer Club and the United Way’s Women United. Women United describes itself as “dedicated to positively impacting the lives of women and girls in our community by promoting self-sufficiency and financial stability through philanthropy and community service. We are a diverse, vibrant community, bound together by a powerful sense of belonging—to each other, our mission and the community we call home.”

This “is super close for me,” says Tiana, who loves her work on their grants committee where she “sees first-hand the difference they want to make. Women who are now members once received money from us, that’s how you make a difference.”

Tiana Kleinhoff
Outside of work, Kleinhoff supports the Chinqually Boosters Soccer Club, United Way’s Women United, and local business organizations. Photo courtesy: The In Team

This combination of skill and caring, head and heart, is a proven success. In four years of business, there have only been four move-outs where the tenants left owing money, two of which Tiana has received payment for after the fact. Her first two tenants are still happily renting. With a motto of “Let me help you,” every conversation is just that: an open dialog between tenant and manager.

And the reviews show her hard work pays off. Said one owner, “I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the help you have given us. Every decision you’ve made has our best interest in mind as well as the people who have chosen to rent our properties. It relieves the stress having the help of someone with your expertise and personal touch.”

Whether you have a property to list or are looking for a new home, Welcome Home Rentals can help. Contact them via Facebook, online, via email at Tiana@WelcomeHome.Rentals or by calling 360-519-7653. No two needs are the same so reach out with requests, questions or rental property needs on your home sweet home.


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