Meet the Inspectors of Boggs Inspection Services


The offer has been accepted. But, before you can celebrate your purchase or sale, you must get through the home inspection. It puts both parties on pins and needles, as the entire deal can be contingent on the results. And, both sides want to feel good about the outcome. That’s why it’s important to choose a company with experience and ethical business practices you can trust. Boggs Inspection Services has been in business in Olympia for over a decade so you can be confident they know a thing or two about homes.

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Dwayne Boggs, owner of Boggs Inspection Services, has been inspecting homes, old and new, throughout the South Sound for over 13 years.

Dwayne Boggs started the company in 2004 and has built it up through hard work, good ethics and an impeccable track record. You can read Dwayne’s story here. As a fast-growing inspection company, Dwayne has needed to grow his team of inspectors to keep up with demand. And, Dwayne is as thorough about hiring ethical, honest employees as he is about inspecting a home.

Meet the team at Boggs Inspection Services and get to know them in their own words.

1. Meet Bill Ryan 

Bill and his wife Jennifer love living in the Pacific Northwest and spend their free time exploring the great outdoors.

Bill Ryan joined Boggs Inspection Services over 4 years ago at the suggestion of Dwayne Boggs, a hunting buddy of his. After a few career changes, Bill finally found a job that he really loves. He shares his life with his wife of 12 years, Jennifer. 

Hometown: I was born and raised in Olympia.

Prior career: I was originally a commercial shellfish diver, but it was a dangerous job. I moved into cooking and worked at Gardner’s Restaurant for 10 years. I did construction for a while before Dwayne asked me to come and work for him.

Favorite part of his job: I love the social aspect. Getting to meet new people and helping them with a huge decision. And, being from around here, I love seeing the houses. I get to see some really special properties.

Creepiest thing you have found during an inspection: An entire family of raccoons in a crawl space. They were all the way in the back and when I reached their “home,” I had several pairs of eyes on me. I could hear more of them crawling in the insulation. I was waiting for one of them to drop on me from above. It felt like a horror movie. A close second would be a four-plex in Chehalis that had a mainline sewer leak for years. There was over a foot of raw sewage underneath the building. Stories like these are why I recommend everyone check their attics and crawlspaces at least once a year.

Strangest animal found underneath the house: Nothing too strange, though we do find quite a few dead cats – we suspect they are feral.

Hobbies: My wife and I like the exploring the great outdoors. And I love cooking. It’s something I am passionate about. I also bird hunt with Dwayne.

2. Meet George Green

George Green is approaching his two year mark with Boggs and is an active dad of two. Photo courtesy: George Green

George Green has been with Boggs Inspection Services since early 2016. George shares life with his wife, Loree, two kids and two dogs – Bella, a Great Dane and Roxie, an American Staffordshire Terrier.

Hometown: I can honestly say the west coast is my hometown. I’ve lived up and down the coast since I was a kid and am happy to call Olympia my newest home.

Prior career: I was a lab rat for over 12 years, half of which was at a Biological Control Laboratory in Phoenix with the USDA. The other half was a blood donation company in Tempe, Arizona testing for human borne diseases in donated samples.

Favorite part of his job: I get to travel and see new locations and people every day. Helping people with making an informed decision on their biggest investment is rewarding.

Creepiest thing you have found during an inspection: I think we’ve all seen the expired animals under the house, but not many people see an area to chill in. Persian throw rug and lights made this unfinished crawlspace into an inviting space to relax and read to listen to music.

Strangest animal found underneath the house: Just the typical rats, cats and raccoons. I’ve had a dog run around a crawlspace with me eating mice he sniffed out, though.

Hobbies: I enjoy the outdoors, golf (both regular and disc), bowling and eating.

3. Meet Jon Molby

Jon Molby is the newest member on the Boggs team and is the proud dad to Ellionna and Ezekiel. Photo courtesy: Jon Molby

Jon Molby is the newest members of the Boggs Inspection Services team, having been with them since the fall of 2016. Jon married his childhood friend, Sarah in 2011 and has a son, Ezekiel, and a daughter, Ellionna. 

Hometown: I was born in Tacoma, but most of my childhood was spent in Tenino.

Prior career: I spent nearly nine years doing landscape installation at a local company. We would build koi ponds, rock walls, concrete and natural stone patios.

Favorite part of his job: I love helping inform the home buyer on one of the biggest financial decisions of their life.

Creepiest thing you have found during an inspection: I was underneath an old house in Centralia and came across the carcass of a cat which had a collar around its neck. Attached to the collar was a piece of twine that they used to tie up sub-floor insulation. The twine went from the collar to the floor joist and looked to be the cause of death. I was glad to get out of that crawlspace.

Strangest animal found underneath the house: I arrived at one inspection and noticed a raccoon sitting on the front porch railing eating food from a pet dish with several cats right next to him. The owner told me that the raccoon will frequently eat right alongside her cats and they all get along great. He sat up in the tree and watched me while I inspected the outside of the home.

Hobbies: I enjoy reading, learning new things, and playing guitar.

4. Meet Keith Bowman

Retired Marine Keith Bowman has made Olympia his home with wife Stacie and boys Hayden and Noah.

Keith Bowman has been with Boggs Inspection Services for almost five years. Keith shares his life with his wife, Stacie, and two boys, Hayden and Noah.

Hometown: Lewisburg, West Virginia

Prior career: I was a production supervisor for Hancor and field engineer for ImagesSource Inc., as well as a former member of the United States Marine Corps.

Favorite part of his job: My favorite part of my job is that every day is different. I also enjoy interacting with the clients.

Creepiest thing you have found during an inspection: The creepiest thing that I have found during an inspection would probably be an entire grow room in the crawlspace. It had lights and baseboard heat. After you crawled to it, you could stand up inside.

Strangest animal found underneath the house: I really haven’t had any encounters with strange animals, just rats, raccoons, and possums.

Hobbies: We enjoy camping and fishing.

To learn more about what the Boggs Inspection Services team can do for you, visit the Boggs Inspection Services website or call 360-480-9602.

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