Submitted by City of Olympia

The City of Olympia is seeking curated proposals for temporary exhibition of artwork at City Hall.  The exhibitions at City Hall serve to focus on two-dimensional or pedestal-sized artworks that reflect the broad diversity and civic interests of Olympia’s communities and showcase the work of regional artists, non-profit organizations and community groups. Exhibitions should reflect the diversity of Olympia’s communities and emphasize the people, places and character of Olympia.

Applications available at the City of Olympia’s website or by contacting Stephanie Johnson, Arts Program Manager, at 360-709-2678 or sjohnso1@ci.olympia.wa.us

DEADLINE: Receipt of Entries – Tuesday, August 29, 2017, 5:00 p.m.

  • Two (2) curated proposals will be selected for the year – exhibitions will rotate every 6 months.
  • The selected Curators/teams will receive a $700 honorarium for their work coordinating, installing and
    deinstalling the exhibition and arranging for one associated event (see below). Artists, speakers and performers for the temporary
    exhibit and public presentation will not receive an honorarium from the City.
  • Curators must provide proof of insurance to the City’s specifications during installation and deinstallation.
  • The artwork can be 2 or 3-dimensional and will be shown in the public spaces of City Hall with viewing opportunities available to the public.
  • Proposals may encompass the works of one artist or many artists, as tied together by a theme or other unifying quality that can be easily described and witnessed among the proposed artworks.
  • Each exhibition will include one event (forum, discussion, music, dance or literary performance) that is tied to the theme of the exhibition.
  • Both exhibition and panel presentation will be hosted and publicized by the City of Olympia.
  • Artwork may not be sold during exhibition. Sale prices may not be displayed, but the Curator may be noted on exhibition cover card as the point of contact for inquiries.
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