5 Plumbing Tips for the New Year



Submitted by Springer Plumbing

Now is the time most of us are reflecting on the past year and thinking of ways to improve our fitness, relationships, occupations and finances going into 2015. One thing that often gets

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The Springer Plumbing crew has more than 50 years of combined experience. Ron Springer (center) is flanked by his team, Tim (left) and Darin (right).

neglected is the health of our home, and specifically our plumbing systems. We put together a short and simple list that will make you a happy homeowner in 2015.

  1. Schedule an annual maintenance checkup: If you have never had a plumbing technician inspect the condition of your pipes, water heater, and other fixtures you are definitely overdue. We offer a maintenance program which includes a water heater flush and a safety inspection of fixtures and pipes. Flushing your water heater is one of the most important things you can do to increase the lifespan of your unit and we highly recommend having it done annually.
  1. Do not use your toilet as a trashcan: We get hundreds of calls per year for clogged toilets, most of which could have been avoided with proper care. The fact is, even if products claim to be “flushable,” they should not go down your drain. If it’s not toilet paper it will not break down fast enough to clear your pipes, resulting in a clog. Keep paper towels, baby wipes, cotton balls, floss, and personal hygiene products out of your toilet and you should be clear of clogs.
  1. Keep current: Certain things need to be replaced every so often for safety, such as washing machine hoses. We recommend having these changed every three to five years (if you have stainless steel braided type) to dodge any water damage. If you have the rubber hoses, we always advise to have those changed immediately because they have been known to develop bulges and burst. Once again, having an annual maintenance is an easy way to have any potential plumbing issues brought to your attention. Another reason to update your plumbing fixtures is to save water. Newer faucets and toilets have a lower flow/flush rate and will cut down your water usage considerably.
  1. Ditch the Drano: Most homeowners’ first reaction is to reach for a chemical product when they encounter a clog. Chemical cleaners tend to burn a small hole in the blockage, not clear it completely. They are also very harsh on your pipes as well as your plumbers’ skin and clothing when he has to get in there to fix the problem. We recommend using an all-natural enzyme product called Bio-Clean which we always have in stock.
  1. Be decent to your disposal: Your garbage disposal is a handy helper in the kitchen, but it is not magic and can only handle so much. Avoid putting fibrous foods such as celery, corn husks and onion peels as well as anything that is not biodegradable. Run water while you are using the disposal and remember, when in doubt throw it out!

Whatever your other New Year’s Resolutions may be, following these tips will help you keep your plumbing system functioning first-rate in 2015 and beyond. Happy New Year!


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