Winter is Coming – Don’t Let Cold Weather Sneak Up On You



Submitted by Town and Country Roofing

town and country roofing winterWestern Washington has had a nice and warm fall this year that has led many of us to forget that winter is right around the corner.  It is important to take time to survey your home, inside and out to make sure you are prepared for the cold, rain, ice, and snow.  Here is a quick checklist for making sure you are ready before the weather gets worse.

A survey of the outside of the home is critical

Check the gutters and downspouts for proper fastening, and re-secure if loose or sagging. The weight of snow and/or ice call cause gutters to fall off the house.   If you have a metal roof, consider investing in snow-breaks to prevent snow from sheering off gutters. Contact Town & Country for a free estimate.

Make sure all tree limbs trimmed back so they’re not hanging over the roof.

Ensure all vents and openings are covered (but not blocked) to prevent insects, birds, and rodents from getting inside to nest in a warm place.

Clean roof and gutters of any debris. If your gutters or valleys are clogged with leaves, the only place for melting snow or rain to go is under the roof shingles   While cleaning the roof, be sure to check for missing or damaged shingles and replace, as necessary, before you get stuck with a leak.   Town & Country Roofing can provide you with a free estimate and low cost roof cleaning options.

Make sure you have a snow shovel, windshield brush/ice scraper for your car and salt. It is easier to find salt & shovels before it snows.

Inside your home

Have your heating system checked. Change or clean the furnace filter. It’s better to find out the furnace isn’t working when you don’t need it than on that first cold day when you really need the heat.   If you have a fireplace, have your chimney cleaned and checked.

If your home has ceiling fans, make sure you flip the reverse switch so that you can create an updraft and push your warm air back down towards the floor where you are.

Check and fix windows and storm windows. If you have storm windows, get them out, clean them and check for needed repairs.

Find and address drafts. Check doors and windows and any other areas you remember as being drafty last winter. Install or replace weather stripping and caulk as needed.

Twice a year, when you change your clocks test or change the batteries in smoke detectors. Install carbon monoxide monitors on each floor (at the correct height!)

Think about taking advantage of PSE’s HomePrint™ Assessment program.  Accroding to their website, “free HomePrint Assessment to learn how simple upgrades can increase the efficiency, comfort and value of your home – and save a lot on your energy bill.”  For more information, go to PSE’s website.

Preparing Your Car for Winter

Make sure fluid levels are correct (especially coolant) and make sure your vehicle has an emergency kit. This should include a charger for the cell phone you use daily, a blanket, bottled water, non-perishable snacks, a flashlight, and batteries. You should also have an ice scraper and an emergency flag you can put on the outside of your window in case you’re stranded.

Preparing your home and car for winter just takes a few minutes and can save you could ultimately save you money in home repairs – or your life if you’re stranded in a car in a storm.


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