Boggs Inspection Services Talks Ethics in the Home Inspection Industry

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Dwayne Boggs incorporates community giving into his business.


duane boggs - expert photoDwayne Boggs began inspecting homes around Thurston County about ten years ago.  During his time as a local home inspector, Boggs has entered hundreds of homes with the blessing of the homeowner.  And that blessing isn’t something he takes lightly.

“There is an implied level of trust when a home owner permits an inspector into their home,” shares Boggs.

He credits the real-estate broker with creating that trusting environment.  “The relationship between the realtor, buyer, and seller is very important.  Each one of them is placing trust in me to honestly assess the home.”

Cultivating that trusting relationship is a process and one that Boggs highly respects.  In an industry where business is built upon repeat customers and word of mouth, Boggs knows that retaining the highest standard of ethics is job number one.  “The majority of my work comes from repeat customers and through the relationships that I have developed over the years.  Therefore, my reputation, and my business, relies on my high degree of ethics,” he shares.

Prior to 2009, home inspectors were not required to be licensed in Washington State.  This bred an environment where inconsistency within the profession was the norm and ethical inspectors like Boggs were lumped in with “all the rest.”

Now, all home inspectors must be licensed, bonded and insured.  Boggs is pleased with the reforms, sharing that it brings more integrity to the industry and reduce the problems associated with inconsistent standards.

“Real estate agents trust me to enter a home.  Sometimes there is money laying on the counter or a rack full of guns.  They trust who they are working with because we’ve worked together before and they know that I’m honest,” Boggs describes.

He knows that his honesty reflects on an agent’s reputation and encourages them to consider more than convenient scheduling when hiring an inspector.  “It’s an agent’s reputation on the line, too, when they refer a home inspector.  I’m very aware of our partnership.”

Ultimately, a home inspection should be a team effort with everyone involved trusting one another.  Boggs shares, too, that buyers and sellers can request an inspector.  “Don’t be afraid to ask to work with an inspector that has come recommended or that you’ve worked with before.”

“The whole process should be without doubt or anxiety on anyone’s part.  One of the main goals of my business is gaining and keeping people’s trust,” Boggs summarizes.

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