4H And FFA Kids Share Knowledge At Thurston County Fair

thurston county fair
Talk with local kids about their animals during the Thurston County Fair.


Nostalgia would indicate that a visit to the Thurston Count Fair would be filled with carnival rides and cotton candy.  But, if you look past the ring toss and ferris wheel, you find a slew of local kids that are ready to share a wealth of knowledge about farm animals.  A young girl instructed us exactly how to pet her goat.  A middle school boy jumped at the chance to tell us about grooming a lamb.  About eight young women were showing their horses and a younger sister narrated the judging process.  A teenager shared the breeding pedigree of her beef cattle.

At the Thurston County Fair today, we petted and gazed at goats, chickens, cows, horses, pigs, llamas, rabbits, sheep, dogs and probably a few others that escaped my memory.  We read posters teaching us interesting facts about the animals.  We got to meet the kids that raised these animals from birth.  But, what my carload of kids took away most from their visit to the Thurston County Fair was the dedication that kids “just like me” are giving back to the animals that they raise and love.

Thanks 4H and FFA students for today’s education.  For additional Thurston County Fair information, including hours and admission, click here.


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