New Restaurant, the Simply Organic Café, Brings Eco-Friendly Eats to Yelm


Simply Organic YelmThe arrival of the Simply Organic Café has been part of a long-awaited positive food trend in Yelm. Just five years ago Yelm was a culinary backwater with a scant few good restaurants of any kind. Fast-forward, and in this past year the number of new and delicious restaurants have grown steadily along Yelm Avenue. All to the absolute delight of native patrons who couldn’t quite embrace the idea of constantly driving almost an hour to Lacey or Olympia for good fresh food. Now we have a café that has great food, inspiring values, and a growing following that I hope will spur on more growth in the food-scene in this town.


Simply Organic (105 East Yelm Ave. Yelm, WA 98597) opened up just over a month ago smack in the middle of downtown Yelm. In a town dominated by Mexican food and coffee huts, it wouldn’t seem that a small organic sit-down would find much success. In fact, most would imagine the Simply Organic Café as something that would be much more at home in downtown Olympia than five minutes from cattle farms. Yet, its first month of business has gone without a hitch. Mainly due to the fact that their food is downright delicious and refreshingly affordable.


The offerings at Simply Organic consist of sandwiches, salads and small side-dishes as well as three kinds of tempting cake for desert. All of their ingredients are organic, locally and sustainably grown, and are combined to create delicious and unique dishes. Most of their sandwiches, such as the Curry Chicken will run you only $6.50, salads like their Peanut Chicken or Beet Bulgur, cost around $5. Side-dishes include sliced baguettes ($2) and what is coming to be known as the best hummus for miles around ($5). If the menu veers to far into the exotic for you, it only takes a quick look at the restaurant’s Facebook page to put your fears to rest. Yelm natives are loving Simply Organic’s food!


Simply Organic YelmIf you live in or around Yelm and you haven’t given the Simply Organic Café a try yet, head over on your lunch break and try something new. Its simply delicious!




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