New Knitting and Crochet Club Near Olympia Will Leave You in Stitches

a woman holds up her knitting she is working on
Looking for socialization while learning a new skill or enjoying an old hobby? Join the Knotty Hookers Crochet and Knitting Club in Thurston County. Photo credit: Molly Sjoboen

After COVID it’s been hard to reconnect. Jobs went virtual and, for many, they stayed that way. People moved. Our lives just look different. It’s left a lot of people feeling lonely and looking for new friends with shared interests. Connecting with people in person is important to our mental health, however, and it’s a big reason why Molly Sjoboen started a knitting and crochet club near Olympia. A group of adults getting together to laugh, knit and crochet, the group’s name makes it clear they are all about fun: welcome to the Knotty Hookers Crochet and Knitting Club!

“I wish I could say that I came up with the name, The Knotty Hookers Club, but I heard it somewhere and thought it was really funny,” shares Molly. She just learned to crochet a couple of months ago. “At first, when I was thinking about starting the club I told my friend I was going to call it The Knotty Hookers as a joke but then it just caught on!”

Just Learning How to Knit or Crochet, Or Years of Experience, You’re Welcome at Thurston County Knitting Club

Molly’s mom is an experienced knitter and crocheter, and the inspiration behind Molly wanting to learn. “I wanted to learn after watching my mom create beautiful things over many years,” she explains. “She is a very talented knitter! She knows how to crochet as well and was happy to teach me and my 16-year-old daughter this winter. It’s been really fun to learn and now I’m hooked!”

There is almost no end to what you can make knitting and crocheting. From the more traditional blankets and scarves to the latest fad of amigurumi animals, you can make almost anything out of yarn with these two techniques. At the Knotty Hookers Crochet and Knitting Club, you can meet other adults that share the same passion as you, get help from them and share your projects. “It’s a great creative outlet!” says Molly. “I was especially excited to learn how to make granny squares as I love the vintage look of granny square afghans and other items.” For those not familiar, “granny squares” is the term used for a piece of square crochet working in rounds (circles) from the center outward. The squares are then connected to make anything from blankets to sweaters.

Molly Sjoboen takes a selfie with the first project she has ever crocheted, an infinity scarf. She is excited about meeting new people that share her passion for knitting and crocheting. Photo credit: Molly Sjoboen

For Molly, starting the group was a way to connect to others who shared an interest with her. “I decided to start the group because learning a new hobby and creating things is such a fun social activity that brings like-minded people together,” Molly explains. “We are able to encourage each other, laugh and get out of the house to do something fun and creative. It feels very ‘old school’ to me…. off of technology and meeting face to face is so important.”

Crochet and Knitting Club Meetings in Thurston County

Club meetings include getting to know each other, lots of laughter and more experienced knitters and crocheters helping those that are newer to the hobbies. “During the meetups, people are welcome to bring projects they are currently working on or supplies to start a new project,” Molly continues. “For beginners, my mom is happy to teach people the basics. The more I learn, I am happy to help when I can.”

The Knotty Hookers Crochet and Knitting Club in Thurston County meets about every two weeks at different locations. “I’m hoping to have a consistent location going forward so it makes it easier for people to join,” shares Molly.

a woman smiles while crocheting at a table with other knitters and crocheters
Meetings of the Knotty Hookers Crochet and Knitting Club near Olympia are sure to have you laughing and stitching. Photo credit: Molly Sjoboen

Join the Knotty Hookers Crochet and Knitting Club Facebook group to connect with Molly and learn when and where their next meet-up is going to be. “Going forward, I am hoping more people join in the fun!” says Molly. “We laugh so much and it’s a great time to get to know new people in the community. I am also hoping we can get club t-shirts through an Etsy shop so we can represent The Knotty Hookers Club everywhere we go!”

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