If you are considering a bathroom remodel, Lifespan Construction in Tumwater says the key to a successful project starts in the planning stages, well before construction begins. Lifespan Construction is an award-winning design/build firm that has helped many local homeowners plan and implement their dream remodels. Ready to remodel? Cantrell and the firm’s experienced team offer their top five useful tips in preparing for a bathroom remodel.

Maddy Cantrell sitting with her trophy from the 2023 Remodeler of the YEar award
Maddy Cantrell, (pictured) is Lifespan Construction co-owner and project developer, She received the 2023 Remodeler of the Year award from Olympia Master Builders. Photo courtesy: Lifespan Construction

Lifespan Construction Tip 1: Decide if You Want Custom Touches in Your Bathroom Remodel

Cantrell says about one in four homeowners add luxury touches such as heated floors, heated towel racks or increasingly popular bidets. Customized items require advance planning and may add to the cost, so homeowners will want to plan out their budget if they are considering some of these luxury items.

“Heated floors are a nice upgrade if the bathroom doesn’t currently have heating,” says Maddy Cantrell, Lifespan Construction’s co-owner and project developer. “Some folks even have it in the shower and it’s a great way to keep the area dry. It can also be programmed to come on when you need it!”

Cantrell says many heated towel rack products are available. “Heated towel racks are a great way to put in a cozy touch to the space,” she says. “There are a lot of options out there for finding the right one for the user.”

Today’s bathroom remodels can include heated towel racks, interesting lighting, and a mix of tile and non-tile surfaces. Contact Lifespan Construction in Tumwater to learn more. Photo courtesy: Lifespan Construction

Lifespan Construction Tip 2: Determine if Your Bathroom Needs Extra Storage

The Lifespan Construction team wants to ensure a bathroom remodel fits your needs. For many homeowners that means increasing storage for tall shampoo bottles, towels and other items. Possibilities include adding oversized niches in the shower or around the tub. Keep in mind that advanced planning may be required to address framing, plumbing and electrical for recessed features, but the added space is worth it. “Recessed mirrors can take those everyday items off the countertops,” adds Cantrell. “A lot of them are now LED and can have outlets so you can charge things while being hidden away.”

And there are other methods to add storage. “If someone has the space, extra cabinets like over-the-john and tall linen cabinets that match the vanity are a great way to expand the usable space,” says Cantrell.

A shower with grey subway tile
To tile or not to tile? That is the question. This Lifespan Construction bathroom remodeling project included niches in the shower to add storage space. Photo courtesy: Lifespan Construction

Lifespan Construction Tip 3: To Tile or Not to Tile?

To tile or not to tile, that is the question. Today’s bathrooms usually incorporate both tile and solid surface products. Homeowners should consider the look they want, their budget and practicality. Cantrell says tiling allows for customization. “Tile shower pans, barrier-free or not, are a nice upgrade and can help achieve the custom ‘spa-like’ bathroom retreats that people are going for,” says Cantrell. “However, Fiberglass pans are significantly less expensive, easier to maintain, and you can still do an appealing tile on the walls.”

For some, easy cleaning is an important feature. “There are solid surface options, like Quartz or Dekton that can help eliminate grout lines, although depending on the product and application, they can get expensive,” says Cantrell.

Lifespan Construction Tip 4: Weigh Your Color Preferences

Planning what colors to use in your bathroom and how to incorporate them through paint, tile, countertops and other products is tip. “We’ve done a lot of bathrooms where the client knows they will always love a certain color,” says Cantrell. “Greens and blues specifically are tranquil colors we see a lot.”

Cantrell says if you are not ready to commit to a color on hard surfaces like the tiles, cabinetry, floors or paint, then look at achieving a pop of color through towels, rugs, artwork and mirrors.

a bathroom tub, and sink down in blue and white tile
Adding color through paint, cabinets or artwork are just a few of the ways to enhance a bathroom remodel. Lifespan Construction’s team can work with you on these and other design elements. Photo courtesy: Lifespan Construction

Lifespan Construction Tip 5: Don’t Forget Good Lighting

Appropriate lighting is one more key to a successful and functional bathroom remodel. “To some, a light in the shower is a must not only for bathing, but for cleaning, too,” says Cantrell. “On the other hand, maybe you want to be in the tub and don’t want a light blaring down on your face. Analyzing how you are going to use the space can make sure a custom lighting plan fits your needs.”

Cantrell says other options include a fan/light combo on a timer switch, toe-kick lighting near the floor, and LED make-up mirrors.

It’s Never Too Early to Think About Your Bathroom Remodel

Early decisions about design elements such as custom touches, storage, tiles, color and lighting translate into an efficient and rewarding outcome. “Three or Four months ahead of a project seems like an appropriate rule,” says Cantrell, describing a pre-planning timeline for a typical bathroom remodel. “It’s important for homeowners to make a plan and not to ‘wing it’ if they want the project done right the first time.”

Careful advance planning with expert assistance means you can line up your needs with your wants. If you are ready to organize your bathroom remodel, make an appointment with Lifespan Construction’s experienced design/build team.

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