Deck Your Halls With Cheer From the Olympia Farmers Market


“There’s undeniable magic in the air during this holiday season,” reports one smiling local while wandering through the Olympia Farmers Market. “I’ll be bringing my out-of-town relatives and dropping a few hints about what artful gifts would be perfect.” From versatile winter produce to hand-crafted clothes to sweets, the Olympia Farmers Market’s festive atmosphere makes it a fun destination as well as providing an excellent variety of last minute, yet absolutely thoughtful, gifts.

mints packaged in clear plastic on a table with a wooden display shelf and an overturned barrel
Locally made Chehalis Mints come festively wrapped. Find them at the Olympia Farmers Market. Buy an extra one for yourself! Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

Holiday Market December 22, 23 and 24, 2023

The Olympia Farmers Market’s halls are fully decked with white lights and seasonal greens thanks to Lynch Creek Farm. Join the perennially popular extra shopping days that run right up to Christmas Eve. Vendors anticipate shoppers who have procrastinated or just love that tingle of Christmas Eve shopping.

Olympia Farmers Market Has Artisans who Style Fiber Art, Glassware, Jewelry and More

Reusing products is a welcome Olympia Farmers Market theme. HZ Upcycled uses upcycled and secondhand leather to make phone satchels, coin holders, wrist cuffs and other items. As you walk the aisles, you will see wood styled into remarkable kitchen and homeware. Discover large purses and one-of-a kind bags at Homer Tapestry Bag Company.

Rowan Green creates handwoven fiber arts, including scrumptious fingerless gloves made from reclaimed cashmere. Some are decorated with intricate, nature-inspired appliques. Rowan hand spins and dyes yarn, too. You will find colorful and warm hats, mittens, scarves and gloves. Your no-longer-wanted cashmere clothing can be donated and will be transformed into new wearables.

Great Things in Glass is owned and operated by Linda Russell, a friendly face at the Olympia Farmers Market for 20 years. Her olive oil lamps continue to be a popular holiday choice. “There’s no smoke, no smell and if it happens to fall over and spill, it would put itself out,” explains Linda. The small light is perfect for a dining table and will burn for 24-40 hours at a time. A small piece of cotton becomes the wick. For those who do want a soothing aromatherapy experience, simply add a few drops of essential oil. “Vanilla and lavender work well,” Linda suggests.

rows of wreaths with red bows hanging on hooks
Fresh wreaths from Lynch Creek Farm make doorways brighter and smell good, too. The vendor stall at the Olympia Farmers Market will offer many choices as well as other decorative greens. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

Vendors at the Olympia Farmers Market bring talents of all types. Twinkling jewelry, colorful stuffed bears, candles, soaps, lip butter and other body products will tempt your senses. Follow your nose to either Lynch Creek Farm or the Perennial Gardener stall for a continual supply of decorated wreaths made with fresh evergreen boughs. Other merchandise includes center pieces, table-top trees and fresh greens, but the specifics will depend on the day you stop by.

Edibles, Drinkables and Fresh Produce at the Olympia Farmers Market

You may think summer is the only time to find just picked fruits and vegetables, but the Olympia Farmers Market has plenty of winter beauties. Along with root vegetables like carrots and turnips, you can select the versatile sunchoke, colorful potatoes, and garlic. Squashes are plentiful and any vegetable can make its way into one kind of soup or another. Savory, warm meals are perfect for these dark, damp days and nights. Apples and cranberries are both decorative and sweet to eat.

a wooden ladder shelf with different types of squashes and pumpkins on it.
Winter produce at the Olympia Farmers Market is bountiful. Cooler weather makes stews and soups more welcome, and you’ll have ample ingredients to pick from. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

Are you hoping for a loaf of bread or a dessert? The Olympia Farmers Market can easily solve that.  Meet the bakers here. Wynoochee River Winery has samples and suggestions for your holiday events. How about a bottle of mead from Odin’s Alchemy Brewing? Chehalis Mints are dressed for the holidays.

For variety and powerful nutrition, visit Roots and Fruits Farm. “I’m addicted to microgreens. I like the mixes and put them in everything,” says an Alaskan resident who was visiting her mother. They go in eggs, sandwiches, breakfast burritos, stir fries and wherever you want. Sprinkle into all your holiday meals. The happy traveler bought three containers for herself.

woman smiling behind a display rack full of plastic containers of microgreens
Deitra Wegener of Roots and Fruits Farm grows delicious and versatile microgreens. She keeps a big variety at the Olympia Farmers Market. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

Roots and Fruits Farm owner Dietra Wegener likes to combine triple washed greens into delightful salad mixtures with names like The Gourmet, The All Star and The Salad Bowl. “They’re fun,” she notes. However, they do sell out early.

The Olympia Farmers Market can fuel your holiday browsing with ready-made meals, snacks and drinks from an international menu of possibilities. The restaurants include Curry in a Hurry, Dingey’s Cuisine, Heyday Café, Los Tulenos, Madeline’s Bavarian Wurst, Mother’s Roots Seasonal Kitchen, Pithos Gyros and Soba.

dog cookies in rows in metal racks. An assortment of shapes including a bigfoot, frosted gnome, a salmon and a bone that says 'scooby snack'
Your dogs will love the healthy treats from Cross Paws Bakery at the Olympia Farmers Market. You’ll be smiling as your enjoy the skilled decorations. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

Don’t forget about your dogs. Crossed Paws Bakery has treats with flavors of pumpkin, cranberry and bacon. One shopper was stocking up. “How fun is this! I’m allergic to dogs, but my son has one and so does my mom,” she said as she filled her bag with cute canine snacks. She likes dogs, but just can’t have one of her own. Owner Lenore Cuskelly keeps dreaming up cookie designs that will give you a double take – and tempt you to eat it yourself. The Big Foot and the Christmas Story Leg Lamp cookies are amazing.

Keep your eyes open for Santa and shopping elves! You never know who you might meet at the Olympia Farmers Market. Visit the Olympia Farmer Market’s website for more information. You can also follow on InstagramFacebook and Twitter or via email with the newsletter sign-up.


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