Submitted by Thurston Economic Development Council

SW Washington Food Hub a farmer-owned cooperative, is proud to announce its latest initiative to address customer demand while reducing waste: customizable produce boxes. The Food Hub aims to provide an easy-to-use and reasonably priced solution for healthy eating, enabling customers to personalize their boxes each week. With a standard markup 10-17% lower than most grocery stores, SW Washington Food Hub is committed to making fresh and sustainable produce accessible to all.

To ensure the highest quality, the SW Washington Food Hub sources its produce directly from its farm members. Each item is carefully harvested 24-48 hours prior to shipping, guaranteeing a long and happy shelf life for consumers. By prioritizing freshness, SW Washington Food Hub enhances the nutritional value and taste of their produce, supporting a healthier lifestyle for their customers.

The strength of SW Washington Food Hub lies in its collective farming experience, boasting over 300 years of combined knowledge among its 20+ members. As a unified entity, the cooperative serves as a vital platform for farmers to overcome challenges, particularly the prevailing labor shortage and changing market dynamics. With many South Sound farms currently understaffed by 1-4 employees, farmers have been compelled to modify their crop selection and marketing strategies. This unfortunate reality has led to the loss of three major Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs in the region, while farmer attendance at markets has significantly declined.

Driven by the belief that partnership and collaboration can pave the way to success, SW Washington Food Hub endeavors to create new markets, achieve sustainability, and surmount obstacles. By providing consumers access to a diverse range of producers, the Food Hub fosters a more consistent supply and expands the product offerings, generating heightened market interest. This collaborative approach serves as a catalyst in building a resilient and sustainable local food system, benefiting both farmers and the community at large.

To support the local farming community and experience the convenience of customizable produce boxes, customers can visit SW Washington Food Hub’s website. For further information, please reach out to the Food Hub directly via email at info@swwafoodhub.com.

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