A legacy Celebrated – former Washington governor, Daniel J. Evans, celebrated at The Evergreen State College

Spring 1973 Dan Evans

OLYMPIA –Former governor Daniel J. Evans, was celebrated at The Evergreen State College on April 27 at an event honoring his legacy to Washington state and his dedication to Evergreen and its rich history. 

Evans, who was governor from 1965 to 1977 and who signed legislation creating The Evergreen State College, served as the college’s second president from 1977 to 1983. His new book titled, “Daniel J. Evans: An Autobiography,” details his life and decades in public service.  

“Evergreen is its 50th graduating class this June,” said John Carmichael, Evergreen’s current president. “The college’s 50th anniversary is part of Dan Evans’ legacy for the state of Washington. He saw the need for a place like Evergreen, an inventive college that can adapt to a changing, challenging world, a place where hopelessness can give way to hope. Evergreen is still that place of learning and community, and a place that fosters hope.” 

 This event was sponsored by both The Evergreen State College Foundation and the Office of the Secretary of State’s Legacy Washington program.  

“Legacy Washington has stated that ‘Dan Evans is as Washington as it gets.’ The three-term governor, U.S. senator, state representative, and president of The Evergreen State College has not only lived up to that statement, but he has also transcended it in so many ways,” said Secretary of State Steve Hobbs. “On behalf of Legacy Washington, we are proud to have been a part of telling his amazing story, and I am grateful for this opportunity to celebrate the life of a man who defines Washington state, helped write its history, and is helping to shape its future.” 

The evening included a visit from Governor Jay Inslee and a fireside chat where Evans discussed parts of his book with President John Carmichael, and Executive Vice President Dr. Dexter Gordon hosted by Onya Robertson ’23, a junior student at Evergreen’s Tacoma campus, as well as close to 100 invited guests. 

Evans shared how he descended from territorial pioneers, served in the United States Navy during the Korean War, was elected to the state legislature in 1956, became governor eight years later where he served three terms, then as president of Evergreen, and a U.S. Senator. He has led and continues to lead a full life of dedicated public service. 

“I never thought I’d be around to see the 50th anniversary” said Evans when asked how he felt about being at the college to celebrate its golden anniversary. “I believe that Evergreen still offers the best in public education.”  

For information on how to order “Dan Evans: An Autobiography,” please visit the Secretary of State’s Legacy Washington website. Learn more about The Evergreen State College and the Foundation here

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