Celtic rock from the Derina Harvey Band will energize the Washington Center for the Performing Arts during Olympia Arts Walk. Saturday night, April 23, singer Derina Harvey’s rich vocals will roll out traditional folk songs in the band’s rock-and-roll style mixed with Celtic characteristics. Original songs from the band, humor and storytelling are also entertaining highlights. Thanks to a special grant, tickets are offered at a discounted rate, and EBT cardholders can reserve free tickets.

group photo of the Derina Harvey Band
While in the Pacific Northwest, the Derina Harvey Band participated in the 2017 Arts Northwest Conference and earned the Best in Showcase award. Photo courtesy: derinaharvey.com

The Derina Harvey Band debuted with their self-titled album in 2013 and released their second, “Rove and Go,” in 2016. Singles such as ‘Fallen Man’s Daughter,” “Northern Lights of Labrador” and “Grow,” released in 2021, have followed since. After touring much of Canada, the band made big impressions in the United States. While in the Pacific Northwest, they participated in the Arts Northwest Conference in 2017, held in Tacoma, and earned not only the “Best in Showcase” award but also more bookings across the area. In 2018, the band was the winner of the People’s Choice award at the Edmonton Music Awards.

Word of their talent precedes them. Shanties exploded in popularity on TikTok in 2021, and the Derina Harvey Band song “The Last Shanty” was right in the mix on the popular app. Viral videos featuring their song was a surprise to the band. TikTok users were having great fun filming themselves lip syncing, wearing costumes, dancing and singing along. Audiences can look forward to fun songs that will have them tapping their feet if not dancing in their seats. Among their repertoire are songs like “The Last Shanty” and “The Last Saskatchewan Pirate” from their “Rove and Go” album.

City of Olympia Grant Makes Art Accessible for All

group photo of the Derina Harvey Band
Education and community involvement are also part of the Derina Harvey Band’s outreach and circle of influence. Photo courtesy: derinaharvey.com

The Derina Harvey Band performance is accessible to a broader audience thanks to a grant the Washington Center received from the City of Olympia. Olympia’s Grants to Arts and Culture Organizations offers up to $20,000 yearly in a commitment to support equity in the community. The city’s grant program also matches grants up to $5,000 for arts and culture organizations that are non-profit and have been serving Olympia for at least two years. Other theater events have received the city’s grant such as Ballet Northwest, Olympia Symphony, Olympia Family Theater and Animal Fire Theater. Due to the effects of the pandemic, such as limited staffing and financial resources, and the uncertainty of how reopening would be implemented, the Washington Center was unable to launch the funded program in either 2020 or 2021. However, they were able to amend their application with the city and apply their grant to the Derina Harvey Band performance.

Offering financially accessible performances is another way the Washington Center supports the community with the arts. It has long supported requests for ticket donations for fundraising purposes. The Washington Center also works with several social service organizations to provide complimentary tickets to the group’s clients. However, the venue didn’t have a mechanism for working with individual theater goers. Working directly with the individual patron is another way of providing discounted tickets to low-income individuals who may not be working with a community organization. A simple phone call and showing one’s EBT card at the box office will-call can secure admission. It puts the choice into the hands of the qualified individual to access arts performances and take advantage of tickets at either the low or zero cost. Cities other than Olympia have formalized programs for discount ticket processes. It is the hope of the Washington Center to perhaps one day have a city-wide collaboration with other venues for easy access opportunities.

group photo of the Derina Harvey Band
Derina Harvey’s rich vocals roll out traditional folk songs in the band’s rock and roll style mixed with Celtic characteristics. Photo courtesy: derinaharvey.com

The Washington Center encourages everyone to wear face masks when attending performances. For the latest COVID protocols at the Washington Center, please visit the Washington Center website.

The Washington Center box office is open Tuesday through Friday from noon to 5:30 p.m. and two hours prior to any event. Call 360.753.8586 or email boxoffice@washingtoncenter.org for more information about the show. Check out the performing arts center’s Derina Harvey Band event page for seating and ticket information. Admission for the Saturday, April 23, 7 p.m. show ranges in price from $4 to $10. EBT card holders should call the box office to reserve seats.


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