The saying goes that beauty is only skin-deep but that doesn’t mean caring for our body’s largest organ, the skin, is any less important. Olympic Dermatology (OlyDerm) provides medical and surgical dermatology, skin cancer prevention and care, as well as anti-aging and aesthetic services, to treat nearly every skin condition and keep your skin happy and healthy. They recently welcomed board-certified dermatologist Dr. Hugh Nymeyer to their team. His passion for dermatologic medicine, helping people and impressive education and training makes him a great fit for the OlyDerm family.

Dr. Hugh Nymeyer recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest to serve patients at Olympic Dermatology. He and his family love hiking, biking, and skiing are eager to explore the great outdoors here. Photo courtesy: Olympia Dermatology

Board-certified dermatologists are professionals that have gone through the most rigorous medical education and training. They must complete medical school, a year-long internship, and three years of residency in training in dermatology. This involves an intensive and challenging board exam, which they must pass every 10 years to maintain certification with the American Academy of Dermatology. Board-certified dermatologists must complete a minimum of eight years of education and 12-16,000 hours of required patient care training, making them experts in the field.

Nymeyer completed medical school at University of Texas Southwestern and finished his Internal Medicine Internship and Dermatology Residency at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. His background in science and education lends greatly to his interest in supporting people’s health through dermatology. He loves the challenge and problem-solving that comes with this particular medical specialty.

“There are more new therapies in dermatology than any other field of medicine, so we can treat more diseases better and faster than ever before,” says Nymeyer. “This is not only great news for our patients but also makes the practice of dermatology a rapidly evolving and interesting profession.” Working in such a varied and interesting field feeds Nymeyer’s love of learning while giving him a means to help people live better, healthier lives. “I enjoy treating all sorts of patients and conditions,” he says. “OlyDerm has a practice environment that allows me to practice surgical, medical, and cosmetic medicine all in the same day.”

“As dermatologists, we are not diagnosing everyone from their blood work,” Nymeyer shares. “We are listening to patients and closely examining them to determine their needs.”  From a toddler with a viral rash to a WWII veteran with melanoma, Nymeyer diagnoses and treats many skin conditions including acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis and skin cancer. “Keeping our skin healthy throughout our life requires a regular adherence to gentle skin care, sun avoidance, and not smoking. If we are careful at prevention, then we will avoid many problems later in life.”

With the addition of Dr. Nymeyer, Olympic Dermatology now has two board-certified dermatologists. Both Dr. Nyemyer and founder Dr. James Brazil uphold the mission to deliver the highest level of dermatology care and exceed their patients’ treatment goals. Photo courtesy: Olympia Dermatology

When working with a board-certified dermatologist, patients are being treated by an experienced and knowledgeable professional. These medical doctors are able to diagnose and treat over 3,000 different skin, hair and nail diseases and conditions. They also understand the interaction between the skin and the rest of the body, and can use this expertise to determine if a skin condition is contributing to underlying health concerns such as high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol levels and diabetes. With such advanced knowledge of treatments, board-certified dermatologists are able to effectively choose the best approach for each patient.

The passion Nymeyer has for helping people with their skin’s wellbeing is very reflective of what OlyDerm founder and board-certified dermatologist Dr. James Brazil has been doing for 30 years, making him a wonderful addition to their practice. “Dr. Nymeyer is exceptionally qualified, caring, open and personable, and makes it a priority to really support his patients in achieving greater personal health,” says Brazil. With Nymeyer on the team, OlyDerm is able to extend their reach in Thurston County and surrounding communities to care for more people.

The staff at Olympic Dermatology are passionate about supporting skin health for members of the local community. Their team of experts are ready to help you achieve better skin today! Photo courtesy: Olympia Dermatology

Board-certified dermatologists provide a high level of expertise to prevent and treat skin diseases, much needed in every community but not always available. That’s why OlyDerm also sees patients from outlying communities including Shelton, Aberdeen, Chehalis and Centralia. “Having Dr. Nymeyer on board enables us to better meet the growing need for quality dermatologic care,” says Brazil.

If you are experiencing problems with a new or existing skin condition, contact OlyDerm to schedule your appointment via the Olympic Dermatology website or by calling 360.459.1700. Through their exceptional, caring and qualified staff, providers and board certified dermatologists you can get the support and treatment you need to achieve healthier skin and better overall health today.

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