Submitted by Barbara Wakefield for Homes First

As we reflect on this season when darkness seems close — both literally and figuratively – it is vital to remember that each of us is able to add light to the world. And what better way than helping turn on the lights of a home for those desperate for one?

Homes First, an extra special and purely local organization, gives you unique ways to give and in so doing, touch the lives of your neighbors in a way that can gives them safety, dignity and peace.

“For the first time in my life, I have a safe home with stability, where I am treated with respect. I know a lot of people take that for granted, but until you don’t have it, you have no idea how much it means,” one Homes First tenant explained recently.

As you think about your end-of-the-year tax-deductible charitable gifts, please consider a donation to Homes First and help turn on the light in the life of another. Or think about an even greater impact by planning  monthly donations in 2022 to Homes First or by including them in the gifts you plan for in your will.

Why should you choose Homes First out of all the giving options filling your mailbox this time of year?

It’s simple.

No other local nonprofit zeroes in on the fact that having a place to call home is the key to building a thriving, hopeful life rather than simply surviving . This unique organization, founded in 1990 by local leaders, provides affordable rental homes to those who need them most. That is its core value, and what no other local non-profit has as its central focus. Homes First has partnerships with other community organizations and nonprofits to serve tenants’ other needs, such as disability support, senior services, substance abuse help, or mental health counseling.

The transition from homelessness to having a roof over your head is profound and life-changing. Homes First owns these homes and serves as a reliable property manager who treats them with dignity and respect.. Homes are professionally maintained, and residents take pride in where they live, helping with upkeep, planting gardens and taking part in their neighborhoods, elevating property values.

Your donation, whatever the amount, goes directly to helping Homes First buy properties, keep them in good repair, and acquire needed tools, paint, appliances and professional upkeep.

“I finally have my dignity back,” said a woman who lives at a Homes First  home explaining that after years of experiencing homelessness and bouncing from one ineffective program to another, she is able to make a solid plan for her future, knowing where she and her young children will sleep that night.

As the hours of daylight dwindle, and the year draws to a close, please give to Homes First and in turn receive the gift of knowing you have helped add light, stability, and safety to the life of a neighbor.

To learn more about giving at Homes First, or to make a gift, please visit the Homes First website.


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