Thurston County Sports Update 9-2-2021


School: Tumwater High School
Coach: Co coaches Jordan Stray and Jill Giudice
Sport: Volleyball

Highlight: Coaches talk about the rematch they are looking forward to this season and hopes of making it back to state.  

School: Timberline High School
Coach: Kristine Mosher
Sport: Boys Tennis

Highlight:  Coach Mosher talks about how one of the players trained with his Grandfather in Mexico all summer. 

School: Capital High School
Coach: Adrianna Montes
Sport: Girl’s Soccer

Highlight: Coach Montes talks about using every player’s strength to make the system better. 

School: Olympia High School
Coach: Laurie Creighton
Sport: Volleyball

Highlight: Coach Creighton talks about two seniors to watch out for this season and lets us know it is her last season. 

School: Yelm High School
Coach: Molly O’Hagan
Sport: Volleyball

Highlight: Yelm’s new coach just finished a pro career overseas and now is looking to bring international stories into her program. 

School: Black Hills High School
Coach: Tom St. Clair
Sport: Cross Country

Highlight: Coach St. Clair talks about a senior who competed at the US nationals this summer for triathlons. 

School: Saint Martin’s University
Player: Kylie Coon
Sport: Women’s Volleyball

Highlight: Kylie talks about the explosion of talent in the gym this year and Snow City Cafe.  

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